Who you gonna call? Answers.com!

Check this out: Improv Everywhere is a group that, well, “causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places.” Their target this week was the New York City Public Library at 42nd Street. And why not? It’s a classy, old building that’s perfect for… ghosts.

And where there are ghosts, there are Ghostbusters, right? Sure, but more importantly, we now know that where there are ghosts there are… answers.

In the stills from the making of the Ghosbusters improv video, you can get a glimpse of what a ghost would look up on Answers.com. Not shocking, really.

You call the Ghostbusters, the ghost calls Answers.com…

So that’s what a ghost would ask on Answers.com. Now we know!

4 thoughts on “Who you gonna call? Answers.com!”

  1. Woot, I love ImprovEverywhere (especially the Food Court Musical video :P)! Oh, and I love WikiAnswers as well, of course 🙂 .


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