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April Fool's Day

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What bloggers want to know lately…

As always, I find it fun to see what bloggers have been wanting to know in the past week. Here we go:

Itamar Medical and WikiAnswers: improving your health… Q&A.

Itamar Medical: cardiovascular healthWikiAnswers has teamed up with Itamar Medical — a world-leading developer of cardiac diagnostic equipment — to spread cardiovascular awareness by pumping the Cardiovascular Health category with new questions, answers and edits. The experts at Itamar Medical are officially Supervising the category, contributing their professional knowledge to growing cardiovascular Q&A.

Here are some of Itamar Medical’s contributions so far:

This is an excellent way to get experts on a topic to contribute to WikiAnswers Q&A: You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. When you use your Bio Page to promote yourself, and then answer questions in your field, you gain credibility and a fresh audience. Not to mention that all the curious people waiting for information are getting quality, thought-out answers directly from the experts.

Are you a professional who might be interested in covering a WikiAnswers topic in your field? If you’d like this kind of opportunity, leave a comment.

“We are the Wikipedia of online Q&A.”

This week, Bob Rosenschein, CEO of Answers Corp, took a minute to explain WikiAnswers in depth to Fred Fishkin of Bloomberg Radio. You can listen here in MP3 format (try this if using Windows Media Player). Or read his own words:

“WikiAnswers is in the spirit of Wikipedia. Wikipedia, as everybody knows, is the world’s largest online encyclopedia. Anybody can edit it. You can edit it. If you see a mistake or want to enrich a page, you can make the Wikipedia page better. Of course, there’s back and forth, you can also vandalize a page. But typically, on the average, the quality of a Wikipedia page goes up over time. And that’s why it’s such a trusted, useful source of information.

Well, we are not the Wikipedia of encyclopedias, we are the Wikipedia of online Q&A. That means that if you have a question, you ask it of our community, you can go to WikiAnswers.com, and type in a question. Anything. It could be health related. It could be relationships. It could be automobiles. It doesn’t matter. You ask a question and other people will answer it.”

As WikiAnswers grows, a lot of people seem to be getting it confused with Wikipedia. The two sites are both wikis, growing based on contributors lending knowledge. Like Bob said, though, WikiAnswers is in a Q&A format, differing from the encyclopedic route of Wikipedia.

Knowledge Management at its best.

Who doesn’t love a little fan mail? Especially when it’s from a student named Grace who got help for her scientific paper defense:

“I know this is kind of shallow. But I just want to say ‘thanks.’ This is ingenious. I’m a student and Answers.com provided me the kind of explanations I needed to fully understand concepts that are really challenging. This is Knowledge Management at its best. Congratulations. I just thought some positive feedback might do you good once in a while.”

I love that term, “knowledge management.” Answers.com: your site for knowledge management.

Thanks, Grace!

How much does a nose piercing cost in Philadelphia?

One of my various alter egos is that I’m a Supervisor on WikiAnswers for the Tattoos & Body Art category. When the questions aren’t “What does a [fill in random shape, animal or symbol] tattoo symbolize?” they can be amusing. And when they aren’t amusing, they can be… well… WikiAnswers Wednesday fodder.

How much does a nose piercing cost in Philadelphia?

While nearly 83.76% of resident Philadelphians have body piercings (locations on the body vary), there is a process more complicated than just paying money to get pierced.

It’s an involved program that requires first and foremost a 500 word essay describing the applicant’s childhood. If the applicant does not have a childhood, which happens often in Philadelphia, the applicant can describe what they would have liked in a childhood.

The next step to the process is to submit a photo of the applicant standing next to the Liberty Bell, which is deemed humorous for Philadelphians since only tourists would do something like that.

Finally, the payment: An envelope stuffed with cash (amount not specified) must be mailed directly to the grave of Benjamin Franklin. He is the tax collector and also the first Philadelphian to ever get pierced (he had three – can you guess where?).

Most Philadelphians end up bypassing this process and get pierced illegally. They will usually just toast Benny Franklin when drinking towards numbness before the piercing.

Today’s highlights, wiki technology and the greater good.

Let’s talk about Today’s Highlights.

It’s a daily updated feature from Answers.com that offers a spotlight, featured question, today’s birthdays, today in history and more, right from the homepage. You could say it’s like taking your daily dose of Vitamin T: ‘t’ for trivia and ‘vitamin’ because it’s good for you.

You could also take the trivia you learn and finally have something to contribute to the water cooler conversations going on right outside your cubicle. Don’t be shy; just lean over there and sing ‘happy birthday’ to Elton John, Sarah Jessica Parker and Aretha Franklin or mention that today, in 1328, Robert the Bruce became king of the not-yet-independent Scotland.

Now let’s talk specifically about today’s highlight.

First of all, I wrote the Spotlight, so I can’t see a reason why you wouldn’t fall madly in love with it right when you start reading.

Today's Highlights: Ward Cunningham and wiki

Secondly, it covers the topic of wikis, which we discuss here a lot (being WikiAnswers gurus and all). I’ll be honest, when I first toyed around with the whole wiki thing, I was confused and a little skeptical; after all, why should I write something if it can be edited by anyone later on?

But once I got into it, it made a lot of sense. I know a little bit about a topic, Timmy knows a little something more, Samantha adds some personal experience… Collaboration is for the greater good, and like the Spider-man movies have taught me, the greater good is worth fighting for.

Thank you Answers.com Editorial Team, for serving fresh Today’s Highlights every single day; thank you Ward Cunningham, for developing wiki technology; thank you WikiAnswers, for having the courage to fight the good fight.