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Meet the Immensely Witty Fallon Galbraith!

Wit can be dangerous territory to enter, but when you are this week’s Featured Contributor, Fallon Galbraith, it’s a walk in the park! In addition to her incredible wit-ism, she readily admits to having an ongoing quest for knowledge that keeps her coming back to She notes that every time she logs on to the site she finds at least one question that gets her thinking, “Huh, yeah, I wonder that too. Let’s look into it.” She never leaves without learning something new. It’s also, in her opinion, the most accurate, helpful answering website out there. We thoughtfully agree! Here’s more:

What is your user name and the history behind it?

My user name is Fallon Galbraith. The name started a good many years ago as my Internet moniker – mostly for privacy purposes when I didn’t want to give out my real name. It stuck with me.

What is your first name?


What is your age?


Would you care to tell us about your family?

I’m the oldest child of a still growing family of 6 in New England. I have no family of my own yet (aside from my pets). My parents do foster care. We’ve adopted a special needs child and are currently the care takers of another.

Do you have any pets?

I have a cat that I rescued from a warehouse lot named Poe and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Malcolm (after my favorite Firefly class transport ship Captain).

Where do you live, how long have you lived there and why do you like the area?

I’ve lived in the same town in Massachusetts since birth. It’s about an equal distance from both Providence and Boston so there’s lots to do. New England weather and scenery will never fail to amaze me.

What are some of your past or present occupations?

I’ve worked in a number of fields. I’ve been a retail clerk, prep cook, banker, maid, warehouse assistant and project coordinator. I’m currently unemployed and have been taking the time off to focus on my art, which I hope to one day make a career of.

What are your key areas of knowledge, interest or expertise?

I tend to spend a lot of time in the Health categories, specifically “Conditions and Diseases”. Most of my knowledge in health comes (unfortunately) from firsthand experience. I had quite a rough year last year medically speaking. I do a lot of studying in my own time as well, through books and Internet research. I’m also an avid video gamer and so I try to answer as many questions as I can from games I’ve played.

What do you like to do for recreation?

I greatly enjoy fishing which, admittedly, is odd because I fear fish and deep water as I cannot swim. I’m hoping to one day go marlin or sail-fishing.

What are a few random facts about yourself?

Random, eh? Well, I’m only 4′ 11″ in height, I can yodel and I once slept over night in a morgue bed in the basement of a shut down TB hospital purely so I could use it to answer these types of questions for ice breakers.

Do you have any special talents you’d like to share?

I wouldn’t say I’m abundantly gifted in any one area. I’ve always had a knack for art or anything that involves creativity. I also sing and can play the Irish whistle.

What are your special goals or dreams?

This is a tough one, because I aim to do and be so many things that it’s hard to pick a couple reasonable or realistic ones. I’d love to be either a counselor or social worker and have been considering going back to school for it. I know it’s kind of cliché, but one of my biggest dreams is definitely to get married one day and have a family. Short term goals? Well, I’d like to be employed somewhere. 😉

How would you describe yourself or personality?

Oh yes, this is an interesting one. I’m not entirely sure that I can accurately portrait my personality ‘on paper’. My friends often describe me as “funny”, “immensely witty” or “geeky”. I suppose I can’t disagree with any one of those. Since you have to take my word for it, I should add some others… “beautiful”, “the most magnificent person you’ll ever meet”, “humble”. Okay, so none of THOSE have been said, but you get the idea.

What brought you to

I was looking for a website that could answer a question that I couldn’t find information on myself. I was blown away by now quickly it came back to me and not only that, but it was thoroughly answered. I decided then and there to lend my answers to the community as well. meets Justin Bieber

After a four-hour wait, our meeting was very brief. Mere seconds, in fact.

“Hi, I am from,” I said, walking up to Justin Bieber. “We answer questions about you everyday…”

Before I could finish my sentence, I was whisked off the stage. Though the “VIP” photo op was so short, it was still enough to leave many fans crying and hyperventilating.

Bieber, who appeared a bit tired, made his rounds in New York City this week on the Today Show, the View, David Letterman and Macy’s, just down the street from the offices, where he promoted his new perfume. His fans followed his every step.

“When I say Justin, you say Bieber! Justin! Bieber! Justin! Bieber!” the girls chanted inside Macy’s.

Screaming fans, mainly tweens and children as young as four years old, stood in the stand-still line for three to four hours before they were able to redeem their VIP passes to meet the star. One of them, a 14-year-old from Saudi Arabia, purchased 100 bottles of his perfume to give to friends back home. She had already used half of the bottle of fruity, floral scent herself.

“I have seen his movie Never Say Never 155 times and I know everything about him,” my new Bieber-obsessed friend said.

The fans excitement was contagious. So much so that I followed them after the photo op at Macy’s to AMC Cinema where Bieber arrived to support his girlfriend Selena Gomez in the premiere of Monte Carlo.

Bieber teamed with the company Give Back Brands for his promotion and all proceeds from his perfume Someday will go to charity.

To see how much the community loves Justin Bieber check out his category for yourself. gets a VIP pass to Justin Bieber!

It is a rare day that an employee doesn’t encounter one of the 63,000 questions asked about international teen sensation Justin Bieber on the site. So when Justin Bieber fans were just a block away from headquarters Wednesday to stand in line to meet their idol, we couldn’t help but see them for ourselves.

Teens came from Uptown Manhattan and Brooklyn and as far away as Norway and Florida, at Macy’s Herald Square to purchase his new perfume “Someday” and get a VIP pass to see the star Thursday. Our summer intern, Brooke, went to meet the Bieber Fever-ed Fans and somehow got so swept up in the commotion that she, too, will be seeing Justin Bieber on Thursday!

One group of teens from New Jersey said it was their fourteenth attempt to meet him. They were successful at 12 attempts and have seen him on the Today Show and at a book signing at Barnes and Noble.

One teen from Long Island said she heard about the contest last night and said she decided to “Never say never” by taking a chance to come wait in line and buy a ticket.

A family of five stood in line as their youngest daughter simply wept. They were in New York City on vacation from Norway and the daughter appeared to have missed her chance to see Justin Bieber.  But no, she was actually just crying because she was so happy her biggest dream was coming true.

Men in business suits were seen standing in the line. No doubt to purchase the tickets for their Bieber-obsessed daughters.

One teen from Washington, D.C. took the bus down Wednesday morning with his mom to buy tickets and surprise his girlfriend with them. Justin Bieber is her favorite, he said.

Only 325 VIP passes were available for fans to purchase. The VIP ticket included a perfume package of Bieber’s new perfume “Someday”  and a pass to meet the star and get a professional photo with him on Thursday. Check the blog tomorrow for a photo of Brooke with the teen idol!

Here are some of’s most popular Justin Bieber questions:

What is Justin Bieber’s official fan phone number?

What is Justin Bieber’s official fan mail address?

How old is Justin Bieber?

How tall is Justin Bieber?

Who is Justin Bieber currently dating?

Does Justin Bieber have siblings? (and more!) on Facebook

We love social media here at And with 33,000+ fans on our Facebook page, we’re pretty sure you do too. But did you know we have Facebook pages set up for every language and community group on This week we added two new ones to the list: WikiAnswers Influential Teens (WIT) and Tagalog.

You can find our main Facebook page here and follow our Twitter feed of titillating trivia here. Here is a full list of our Facebook pages and a sample of what you will find there. Go ahead, tell us you like us! Facebook Pages

Five tips for saving on summer travel

Summer has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere. The warm sun probably has you itching to plan a getaway and high gas prices won’t deter you one bit. You’re not alone: 59 percent of Americans plan to travel this summer (up 8 percent from last year). Whether by car, bus, train or plane, travel can be costly. Here are five tips from on how to save on your summer travel this year:

  • Sign up for airline and hotel Twitter feeds. Often travel companies will post exclusive deals to their social media fans.
  • Try something off the beaten beach or amusement park path, maybe a lesser known national park, to find lower prices not to mention less crowds.
  • Be flexible with your travel days. Airfare is usually cheaper midweek than on weekends. Prices also spike around holidays like 4th of July and Labor Day, so plan accordingly.
  • Live like a  local: rent an apartment or house instead of staying in a hotel room to save big bucks.
  • Fly from a smaller, regional airport. And don’t check a bag!

For more tips, watch this Video Answer from CBS Money Watch. Then, tell us in the comments where you plan to jet off to this summer!

Falln is but a Shooting Star.

Horror Movies, Zombies, Voodoo, Hades and Geisha are some of our most popular categories on and they happen to be Supervised by this week’s Featured Contributor, Falln. With knowledge that is vast and eclectic, Falln explains that her interests literally fall into quite a random grouping. She became interested in these things from watching too many movies, reading too many books and from her own personal religious views. Hmmm…Sounds like the quintessential contributor to me! She may have earned the nickname ‘Falln‘ (Angel), but in our community she continues to shoot for the stars! If you’d like to learn more about this luminary, please read on!

What is your user name and the history behind it?

My user name is Falln, in reference to Angels. It is a nickname I have carried for a very long time. A dear friend called me his angel; then he told me I wasn’t pure enough to be an angel, so he pet named me his ‘Falln‘ Angel.

What is your first name?

I go by Li.

What is your age?

I am 29 years young.

Would you care to tell us about your family?

If you looked up dysfunctional in the dictionary, my obscure family photo would be beside it. However I love them dearly and would do anything for them.

Do you have any pets?

They say you don’t own cats, they own you… so, I am owned by many beloved kitties.

Where do you live, how long have you lived there and why do you like the area?

I live where ever I happen to lay my head, but I am presently residing in Utah. I have lived in this state at various times in my life, moving around all the time. I enjoy it here for the scenery and my nearby family.

Where did you grow up and do you have any special memories of your childhood?

I grew up all over. I would have to say my best childhood memories were those with my sisters and my nephew. They brought happiness to my life.

What educational information would you like to share?

I have attended basic school; any additional teachings have been self-motivated.

What are some of your past or present occupations?

Past occupations included dreaded retail work at a few well-known chain department stores that will not be named. I have also been a care taker for a lovely autistic woman. Presently I am a professional artist and photographer, I am the CEO of my own online digital graphics company and I create custom content for an online ‘video game’ world.

Do you have any collections or hobbies?

I am one of those people that cannot spend more than five seconds sitting still without getting in to something, so I have many hobbies and collections. I collect movies, antique clown dolls, antique medical equipment, books and people (some vintage, some not).

What do you like to do for recreation?

For recreation I love road trips to ghost towns and cemeteries!

What are a few random facts about yourself?

Hmmm… random facts. Every night I sleep with a poly-dactyl cat named Megami, I adore Rob Zombie, my favorite movie is Labyrinth, I really miss New Orleans, my camera is my baby, I love the smell of fresh laundry, I dream about zombies at least twice a week, I hate the snow and I love goldfish!

Do you have any special talents you’d like to share?

I can fit my whole fist in my mouth!

What accomplishments are you proud of?

I am proud that I have made this far into life without accidentally being knocked from this mortal coil by some random chance of fate. Life in and of its self is a great accomplishment!

What are your special goals or dreams?

My goals and dreams are to leave an impact on this world long after I am gone from it.

How would you describe yourself or personality?

Eclectic I think would be the best way to describe myself.

What brought you to

I was searching for the name of a horror movie, and stumbled on a post that showed up via Google of someone describing the same movie. I ended up remembering what the movie was called (Making Contact). I signed up so I could answer the question for that person. From there I discovered an entire horror movie category, and my question answering obsession expanded from there. 🙂

What is your favorite activity?

Answering questions of course! And being a part of such a fun community! 🙂