The AnswerThon starts tonight – are you ready?

We’ve announced it, discussed it, announced it again, and been discussed elsewhere, and finally we are at the final hour: The first-ever WikiAnswers AnswerThon starts tonight!

Have you signed up yet? All I know is it’s going to be quite a competition, especially with the likes of this guy practicing before the big event.

On your marks, get set and go at midnight (EST) tonight. The event ends 48 hours later, at midnight (EST) on Monday (late Sunday night).

Only answers that are posted within this time frame will be counted as part of the contest, so do your math, set your alarms and lock your doors.

Looking forward to announcing the winners next week!


New widget! Get hungry! Food Word of the Day.

Here’s an equation I’d like you to ponder:

Words + food + new day = get hungry every morning with a new food word every day

Not good at math? That’s ok, I’ll spell it out instead:

L-e-a-r-n a n-e-w f-o-o-d w-o-r-d e-v-e-r-y d-a-y.

It can all be yours with our brand new widget, Food Word of the Day, accessible from Facebook, our RSS listing and the Widget Gallery. Feed your Facebook profile, personal homepage or RSS reader with gourmet words and then show off when you cook dinner (or order in).

Get ready to get hungry!

Food Word of the Day logo

If a dog rolled around on a carpet and gets staticy and a flea jumps on it will the flea get electrocuted?

Once, when I had a dog, I used to watch her and wonder what she was thinking. I wonder if it was this:

If a dog rolled around on a carpet and gets staticy and a flea jumps on it will the flea get electrocuted?

In short, yes.

In long, yes, and then the flea, assuming it survived the trauma, would continue on to limp towards the nearest phone booth and call a good big-city lawyer. The lawyer would come collect the flea and take notes on what exactly happened. Once those details have been hashed out, the lawyer would draft the conditions over which the flea is suing the dog.

After waiting about two years for the case to be heard in a court, the flea finally concedes to participate in mediation, which the dog suggested about a year and a half ago and the lawyer refused to advise on. Through the mediation they resolved their differences and actually became friends.

The mediator – a cat – actually got a good laugh and walked away with a nice paycheck.

Be comfortable in your genes…

banner-eatingdis.gifBeing comfortable in your genes is part of the theme of this year’s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

Did you know that in the US, eating disorders are more common than Alzheimer’s Disease? According to the National Eating Disorders Association, five to ten million people suffer from some kind of eating disorder and the numbers continue to grow. It’s no laughing matter — eating disorders can cause major health issues like kidney failure, diabetes and heart problems.

Get comfortable in those genes…wear jeans that fit the true you…

Now take a moment to ask or answer questions about this important topic.

What I would do as AnswerThon champion…

orange dudeAs someone whose bread is paid for by the hamsters who churn the gears at Answers Corp, I cannot officially participate in the upcoming AnswerThon.

My colleagues and I have been daydreaming about what we’d do with the winnings if we could officially participate (because obviously we would; we are that awesome). I thought I’d share what some of us would do with a $500 Amazon gift certificate… in case you need ideas:

Crystal, Supervisor of AnswerThon Superness

We can’t enter? Are you serious!?!? Who came up with these rules? I demand to speak to management. I’ve been studying for the past weeks in preparation. What a bummer, dude. What a waste of 9,562 hours of intense research to answer questions like, “Is there a deodorant that smells like new computers?” and “What is so gross about the national product?”

And I had such big plans for my winnings. There goes that new paperweight, calendar, mouse pad, and book.

Hey, wait! There’s always next year, right? Duh! Should of thought of that before I complained! I’ll get started on those ANSWERS now… 100,000 here we come! 😉

Jay, Director of Telling People About the AnswerThon

I’d have to go with this. I mean, it’d pay for itself in weeks… months… years… You see, I have no idea because I don’t know how often people carelessly toss valuable silver, coins or other metal objects right into the kitchen trash. That would leave me with $100, with which, of course, I’d grab a ‘Pata Negra’ Restaurant Grade Paella Pan -60cm With Free Gifts! Because hey — one morning you’re answering questions, eating, well, not paella. And then, BOOM. Paella. And I love mysterious free gifts. It says that it’s not dishwasher safe; I hope the free gift is a good-natured, well-muscled guy to wash it for me.

Pnina, Coordinator of Wiki Wossibilities Amazon Kindle

I’d definitely get a Kindle. Not that I believe books of cloth and paper are dead – but I HAVE to try it out. And since I already read my newspapers online, maybe it’s time to make the jump to books as well.

Danny, Manager of Making It All Happen

$500 on Amazon? I’d buy my kids all the Math Tricks books I could find!

Shara, Facilitator of Facilitations in the Facilities

Because of my obsession, I would totally buy Stomp the Yard (widescreen, full screen AND Blu-ray, baby) and all the paraphernalia that goes with it — posters, booklets, soundtrack, whatever.

And with the left over money, I’d probably buy a copy for all my friends!

Oh… and since I don’t have a Blu-ray player, I’d get one of those too.

Jim, Purveyor of Wit and Wisdom

It’s quite obvious when you consider the potential: seventy-three copies of Paris Hilton’s book, Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose.

I’d also get the Havahart Live Animal Door Cage Trap for Mice and Chipmunks and 1500 live ladybugs

Because everyone needs ladybugs in their life.

The evolution of Q&A (in short).

Remember when you actually called relevant friends and family members when you had a question about something? You’d call Aunt Harriet when you wanted party-planning advice, or Joe from your old office when you were looking to buy a new car. We relied on the people around us who knew everything about something; those are the people we looked to for guidance.

I love it how WikiAnswers is kind of that on a global scale. Have a question about bathing your cat? Formatting a hard drive? The absolutely powerful thing about WikiAnswers is that all those everyday experts are doing their best to give good, solid, useful answers – and they are doing it 24/7. Real questions, real people, real expertise. It’s like a global Q&A village… spanning thousands of topics and dozens of countries on one site.

This post was inspired by… Question Shop.

A big week for WikiAnswers bloggers.

This past week bloggers have been busier than usual in their WikiAnswers research for the sake of their posts. It’s nice to see such a wide variety of topics being covered, too. Shockingly, this time, I didn’t find any fears about animal takeovers.