Answers takes Manhattan!

Whether in the forums, on the message boards or through email, many of you have interacted with members of our community team. We practically live online but every once in awhile we get together IRL. The team gathered last week for an employee summit in New York City for some meetings and offline fun. Here’s a photo of the whole gang.

We had lots of fun, but the week wasn’t all shenanigans. It was also filled with tons of brainstorming sessions to figure out ways to improve your experience. We’re looking forward to sharing those features with you in the coming months!

Some of you might recognize familiar faces in this crowd, but just in case, here’s a list of the some of the amazing community team members.

Our mascot the Orange Guy also tagged along for the trip. Here’s a photo of him enjoying Times Square.

p.s. Do you follow Orange Guy on Facebook? He’s been traveling a lot lately — China, Costa Rica, and of course he was with us last week in the Big Apple!

A t-shirt worth 1,000 words.

SarahI, or Sarah, a fabulous WikiAnswers QA Engineer and our resident photographer, traveled all the way to Thailand and all she gave away was an t-shirt… or several!

While exploring Ko Phi Phi Island, Sarah met a couple of junior smarties who became fast fans; seems they all share a taste in fashion (and cuteness!).

One boy she met needed a little cheering up while his dad worked on a boat nearby. Hopefully his new t-shirt helped:

Another boy was happy to make friends with Sarah while his mom snapped a photo of them:

Turns out he is also a local celebrity who performs in a kids’ show at a boxing stadium:

เด็ก ไทย มี คำ ตอบ ทั้งหมด!
The kids of Thailand have all the answers!

On cycles, growth, pirates and speed.

The question-answering process is actually a cycle of growth: You ask a question, and get an answer, but that leaves you with so many new questions. Which grow into a new cycle. Of growth. And so on.

Like, for instance: Who is more powerful, ninjas or pirates?

Obviously the answer is ninjas, but why? Some say speed, others say the slick black outfits. But then why black? Why not green? And how speedy is speedy enough to defeat a pirate, what with his parrot and funky accent?

Photo credit and Foto Friday support from the spectacular SarahI.

Love is a bar code…

My love for answers is like a bar code. Each time I click on a new question to explore, I hear the little ‘ding’ of something going through the checkout, like a supermarket of information.

“There’s a spill in asle 4!”

Oh no, my friend. That’s not a spill; it’s the spreading of knowledge.

Photo credit and Foto Friday support from the spectacular SarahI.

For the Love of Answers

What do you call a genuinely all-around extraordinary human being who has a sincere love for all things ANSWERS? Delltechie – who had this to say about our beloved and

“This is what makes them unique: they appreciate the people on their site(s),
which is a definite unique selling proposition.”


Thanks DT! We love you, too!