Meet Soulcist: A Georgia Poet who Loves His Home and Family


Yusemi and Soulcist
Yusemi and Soulcist

Soulcist has been on the site for close to a year now, and he has certainly made his presence felt with over 54,000 contributions. He’s a Senior Mentor, a Vandal Patrol Generalist, a Community Outreach WikiGuide and a Category Supervisor in six categories! He is most active in Teen Dating and Xbox Live. In his free time he teaches himself to build software-based webites. He is devoted to a few very special people, including Yusemi and his grandmother, but get to know him and you will see he is sensitive and considerate of everyone in his life and on our site. To find out more about Soulcist, visit his profile where he shares some of his own beautiful poetry and more. We are lucky to have such a genuine person as a member of our community and we can only wish him the best. Continue reading “Meet Soulcist: A Georgia Poet who Loves His Home and Family”

Congratulations to our Wammy winners!

general_Wammy_logoPlease join us in congratulating the 2012 WAmmy award winners! The WAmmy awards (WikiAnswers Awards) are presented annually in recognition of outstanding talent on

Supervisor D4est, this year’s winner of Answer of the Year, is no stranger to the WAmmys, winning eight in her four years on the site! Prolific supervisor 4Jays took home the Most Answers of the Year award, an honor he also won in 2010. It’s no surprise that the Lifetime Achievement Award went to Rudiful2, who has racked up an impressive 3+ million contributions since 2007. Busy bee Stupid Little Genius was honored with the most contributions and the most category changes. See the full list of winners (and honorable mentions) here.

Thank you to all who participated in nominating and voting! Don’t forget, we’ve already begun taking nominations for the 2013 WAmmys in the Community Forum. Nominate yourself or any other registered user all year long.

P.S. As we continue to update and improve this program, we ask for your input. Please leave your feedback on our WAmmy Feedback Survey.

Top March Madness Q&A

ncaalogoThe Big Dance kicks off this week. Have you filled out your bracket? Don’t worry, there are only 147.5 quintillion ways to do it! Whether your team made it to the tourney or not, you’re asking lots of basketball-related questions on this week. Here are a few of the most popular:

How did the phrase ‘March Madness’ originate?

Why are the rankings of basketball teams in the NCAA tournament called seeds?

Has anyone ever filled out a perfect NCAA tournament bracket?

What school has won the most NCAA Men’s Basketball Championships?

How much do college teams receive in prize money for attending or winning the NCAA Basketball Tournament?

What is the lowest seed ever to win a NCAA Basketball title?

Let us know in the comments who you think will win it all this year.

Meet Luvhistory: Lover of Nature and History!


Luvhistory is a midwestern gal. She majored in history in college – perhaps the reason for her username. Luvhistory is also a lover of nature and you can find many of her contributions on the site in the Endangered, Vulnerable and Threatened Species and Animal Life categories. Her descriptions of nature are sensitive and beautiful, as you will discover in the interview. She is not only knowledgeable, but she is also an active member of our community with over 104,000 contributions. Read more and get to know Luvhistory. Continue reading “Meet Luvhistory: Lover of Nature and History!”

Meet Mehtamatics: Wisdom and quality of life rolled into one!

MehtamaticsIt’s an honor to have Mehtamatics on our site. His total contributions exceed 113,00 and of those, 75,000 are original answers. Our community of members certainly appreciates and values Mehtamatics: he has over 4,000 Trust Points! His favorite category is Mathematics and he provides excellent answers to math-related questions. Originally from India, today he resides to the southwest of London, where he enjoys both nature and city life in this privileged location! He is a bit of a philosopher, in addition to being an excellent mathematician. Read more and get to know this thoughtful and interesting member of Continue reading “Meet Mehtamatics: Wisdom and quality of life rolled into one!”