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Are student dress codes a violation of civil rights?

This onehails all the way from Fantasyland.

Are student dress codes a violation of civil rights?

Listen kid, it’s not a ‘right’ to wear Crocs or navy blue nail polish to school, it’s a violation of our visual rights. Even more so your teachers’.

Then again, our contributor makes a good point:

students should be able to wear what they would like to wear. we need to be comfortable and happy so we can learn and enjoy our learning envirement. there is an extent where enough is enought though. such as girls in 2 inch mini skirts trying to pass them off as propper clothing.

Hmm… maybe you ought to pay better attention in class rather than pick out your personal fashion display for next week, eh?

Do animal brother and sisters mate?

Sometimes I sit here, look out my window, and think about all the ways in which animals set great examples for humans.

The momma bear cares so dearly for her cubs. The ant is such a hard worker. The cat is downright anal about it’s cleanliness.

Then I get to this question:

Do animal brother and sisters mate?

Yes, when Mom and Dad Dog leave town for a few nights, Brother and Sister are free to express their true feelings – because they are animals. Mom and Dad don’t care. In fact, Mom and Dad were part of the same litter.

That is not a great example set by animals for humans.

Can animals be racist?

For shame! How can anyone think of asking such a question about animals?

Can animals be racist?

Animals set great examples for people. They really do. Think about the love between puppies – no matter what the color of their fur. Consider the togetherness of a school of fish. And what about the harmony of the jungle, the love between a lioness and a gazelle?

What’s New: July 2007

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