Is narcolepy different than Narcolepsy?

Here’s the deal. There’s a question here that I don’t have the answer to. There might be others out there, but I highly doubt it. Help get this one answered:

Is narcolepy different than Narcolepsy?

It hurts so bad, I haven’t been sleeping well at night… Actually, I’ve been sleeping really well during the day, now that you mention it. Anyways, answer the question, please…

How can you tell if a bunny is feeling mad, happy or scared?

Here’s one for the born-leaders out there; crucial information that you will undoubtedly need somewhere in the future of your leadership.

How can you tell if a bunny is feeling mad, happy or scared?

Because, after all, rabbits are a lot like people.

Here are my guesses; you can check if I’m right:

Mad: A rabbit, much like a person, will make tiny rabbit fists and shake them at you, while muttering in bunny-tongue: “Why, you little…!!!”

Happy: A rabbit, much like a person, will forget you ever stole his car the night of his birthday and crashed it into a pole. The rabbit will give you a big, furry rabbit hug (admittedly, not as big as a big, furry bear hug) and tell you repeatedly in a drunken voice, “I love you, man.”

Scared: A rabbit, much like a person, will exert nervousness through its little rabbit pores and widen its eyes; that’s when you know you’re in trouble, because it just pooped on your lap.

What makes your veins pop up and sore?

An age-old question, and I feel lucky to be asked so that I can answer it:

What makes your veins pop up and sore?

You want to know what makes my veins pop up and sore? You want to know why sometimes it looks like my head is about to explode?

Here’s a short list:

Bottled water
Letters to the editor
Flat tires
Lottery winners
Modeling waifs
Standardized tests
Sales representatives
Managers of sales representatives
Cheap tippers
Holiday weekend traffic
Roaming charges
Ink stains
Grapefruit diets
Air quotes

Ok, I’ll stop for now. If you really do know what actually causes veins to pop up and become sore, do share.

What’s new: June 2007

Ah, June; how it brings the end of the long school year… Well, just in case you the type who likes learning – albeit maybe something more interesting than the Civil War or mitosis – here are some great topics to read up on: