Podcast about mobile with Bob Rosenschein

Peggy Anne Salz of MSearchGroove – a knowledge portal for mobile search, mobile advertising, social media and more – published her fabulous podcast interview with Bob Rosenschein, Founder and CEO of Answers Corporation, after hearing him speak at the ThinkMobile conference last week.

Bob spoke about the growing success of WikiAnswers.com, mobile search, mobile SEO and user experience among other topics.

Salz’s take:

In view of WikiAnswers.com’s increasing popularity, I decided to take a closer look at the company’s future roadmap. I caught up with Bob to get the inside track on his company’s mobile ambitions, discuss the key criteria for an optimal mobile search experience, and the role of mobile advertising in the scheme of things.

Listen to the podcast here:

Answers.com CEO Bob Rosenschein Warns Roadblocks To Mobile Advertising & Mobile Search; Mobile SEO Is Critical

WikiAnswers Scholarship deadline: TODAY.

Today is the deadline for submitting your 50 well-written answers on topics of your choice and apply to receive a $1,000 WikiAnswers Scholarship for college for the 2009/10 academic year.

Make sure you keep the list of 50 answered questions you have chosen to submit and include it in your application.

Read the FAQs and get the application.

Good luck!

Nothing like a bit of MRA.


MRA: No, that’s not a new rap artist or government office. MRA stands for something so much greater: Matthew Ryan Albert.

Since December 2007, MRA has been working hard on WikiAnswers.com and has set a role for himself as a WIT member, WikiGuide, and Silver contributor. Going further, he’s a Category Supervisor covering Computer GamesAmerican Idol, Guitar Hero, Wind Instruments, Saxophone, Counter Strike, Jagex, and Alto Saxophone.

MRA is also a student with all kinds of hobbies and experiences; exactly what the WikiAnswers community thrives on. Let’s take a look at what else MRA has to offer:

How did you originally hear about WikiAnswers?

Back in 2007, during the school year I was looking for a place to get some factual information for school. I used the site for about a year as a guest, then I decided that I would sign-up just for the heck of it. I signed up, and I asked questions for about half a year, not getting the full experience of WikiAnswers. One day I decided that I would try answering a few questions and doing a little bit of research.

Explain your username.

My username is actually not that unique, and I regret not spending a little longer making it up. My username is just initials of my full name, Matthew Ryan Albert.

What motivates you to volunteer your time to the WikiAnswers community?

I do not know exactly what motivates me to volunteer, but I know it is partially because I am addicted to this site. I love helping people out, and here I can help people out and make an abundant amount of friends. I just have too many experiences to leave, and not be more active here I guess.

What are your areas of expertise?

My areas of expertise are: Saxophones, American Idol, and Computer Games. I have been playing the Saxophone for 4 years, but I know quite a bit about the Saxophone. I have watched every single of episode of American Idol since season 1, and I am also a member of the forums on American Idol.

What is your favorite WikiAnswers feature?

My favorite feature on WikiAnswers would have to be the Feature option. I think it really gives certain questions a boost in the view, as it posts it on WikiAnswers in front of many other questions . I think that this separates the valid questions from the trashy questions awaiting their removal. Now I am not saying every question is bad if it isn’t featured, but almost all of the featured questions are excellent as they have been handpicked by Supervisors.

What has been the funniest question you’ve seen or your funniest experience on WikiAnswers?

I have had so many incredible experiences on WikiAnswers, and I do not believe I could chose one as my “favorite” in specific. One experience that I would like to share that I learned a lot from and actually learned how much I should appreciate a computer is when I had the Blue Screen of Death. I could not contribute normally, as I was forced to use my MP3 player (iTouch), and you cannot get the full benefit of internet features on it. I really had to work hard, and I had to put extra time, but during that time I really let out a few giggles and had a great time, and said some stupid things too.

Share a random fact (or two) about yourself.

I have been involved in a bunch of Online Communities since I was in Elementary School. I actually used to be a [HELP]er for GameSpy. In addition, I have owned a Counter-Strike Server, but I had to shut it down because of a lack of time due to school-work.

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WikiAnswers.com Scholarship: Do not miss out!

Hey, American/British/Canadian students! Don’t mean to interrupt your weekend, but the deadline to apply for the $20,000 WikiAnswers.com Scholarship Fund is THIS TUESDAY! Between now and then, you should be able to find time to log in to WikiAnswers.com and answer 50 questions in any category/ies of your choice and submit them to win $1,000 for next year… right?

And I’m not the only one talking it up… A whole bunch of education blogs have announced the scholarship in the last few days. So no claiming you didn’t know the opportunity exists…

WikiAnswers on Web100.com.

Matt Sevits of Web100.com made this observation yesterday:”When most people hear “wiki,” the first thing that comes to mind is probably Wikipedia.” I do find that to be the case as well… but I also agree that “all that is about to change.” The site (wisely!) included WikiAnswers.com in his list of sites that go “beyond Wikipedia: 7 wikis for everything from “Lost” to lyrics.”

Says Matt:

WikiAnswers takes a collaborative approach to knowledge, giving you the chance to ask questions and use your knowledge to answer the questions submitted by others. If search engines can’t answer your question, someone on WikiAnswers probably can.

Exactly what I was thinking.

One week left to win a $1,000 WikiAnswers scholarship!

Look, I understand procrastination – I was once a university student myself. But with only one week left to answer just 50 questions for a $1,000 WikiAnswers.com scholarship – there’s not much more time to waste.

Again, here are some of the details, broken down:

  • The WikiAnswers Scholarship Program plans to award twenty scholarships valued at $1,000 each for use by recipients.
  • This scholarship is for students planning to be enrolled in undergraduate classes during the 2009-2010 academic year.
  • Sign in to WikiAnswers with your username and answer at least 50 questions of your choice. The panel of judges will review the 50 answers you submit with your application for quality and accuracy.
  • All materials must be submitted (and postmarked) by March 31, 2009.

You can get more details, including the FAQs and the downloadable scholarship application on the WikiAnswers Scholarship Program page.

A tale about Phishtails.

Let’s take a look at Phishtails, a Floating Supervisor and Bronze Contributor known in real-life as Marcus, who is awesome enough to be engaged and living on a cruise ship in the Bahamas where he works as a theatrical lighting technician. Having grown up as an Air Force brat on the east coast, he’s lived in every state on the Eastern seaboard from Florida to New York, plus Arizona.

From age 3 months, Marcus has worked in entertainment in the amateur or professional level in various degrees, from acting to stage manager to show director to video, lighting, or sound technician to set carpenter and much more. Among a huge number of interesting stints, he’s worked shows for Van Halen, the Eagles, Pink Floyd, Phish, Dave Matthews, and the Super Bowl.

Phishtails discovered WikiAnswers.com while searching for a site that sold motorcycle tires, answered a question and felt to be fair he should answer them all. He says he is still working on that and will let us all know when he’s finished. Boy, are we glad to have him on board

How did you originally hear about WikiAnswers?

I believe I was searching for cheap motorcycle tires on Google.  I had seen WikiAnswers pop up on several searches previous to this, and I bit.  I saw a weird question to which I happened to know the answer.  Then I saw another question and I answered it.  Several more questions had popped up even before I finished answering the first two, some of which I did not know the answers, but in the interest of fairness I felt I had to answer them all.  I’m still working on that.

Subsequently, I blame WikiAnswers for several failed relationships, both for dedicating my time to WikiAnswers as well as poor advice from the Wikommunity.  Therapy helps.

Explain your username.

Phishtails comes from a few puns that happily coincide.  Phish is my favorite band in the whole world.  I follow them whenever I can, which makes me one who tails after Phish.

In motorcycling, a fishtail is when the back tire spins wildly out of control, so I liked the idea of that.

A fish tale is also an exaggerated anecdote, which I am wont to tell when I’m feeling saucy.

A fish tail is a part of a fish that smells not quite as putrid as the fish head, so I use the name to let people know that I don’t smell as bad as a fish head.

I blog on livejournal under the same pseudonym.

What motivates you to volunteer your time to the WikiAnswers community?

Power.  Power and the women attracted by power.  I also enjoy the intellectual challenge presented by questions that interest me, but to which I have little knowledge.  It forces me to research the subject matter and in effect increases my own personal knowledge.  If you see a super-long answer with my name under it, it’s a fair bet that I knew squat about it before I read the question.

What are your areas of expertise?

I love questions pertaining to motorcycles, theatre (especially technical theatre, but I love acting as well), religion, math and physics.  Occasionally I answer advice questions, especially if it concerns important subjects such as drugs and alcoholhealth or sex.  I love questions concerning politics; however, I find that when I try to answer a political question, my personal feelings turn the answer into a rant and I have to delete my own answer.

What is your favorite WikiAnswers feature?

Aside from researching unknown subjects, I love to merge/split and correct spelling in questions.

What has been the funniest question you’ve seen or your funniest experience on WikiAnswers?

I answered a question How is a refrigerator like a cat? posted in a jokes category.  I think my answer went something like, “They’ll both keep a six-pack cold, providing you gut the cat to make room for the six-pack and stick the cat in the fridge.”  I was very tired when I wrote that.

Share a random fact (or two) about yourself.

I’ve had more motorcycles than cars.  I work on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.  My fiancee and I have decided to change our last names to a great pun gleaned from our favorite sandwich, the PB&J.  We’re going to be the Pibijais, and yes, I’m totally serious about that.  I have very few pieces of clothing that aren’t black.  I have two collections:  One of pharmaceutical company pens, and another of gadgets that will hook onto a belt like flashlights, multi-tools, cell phones, knives … even a Pez dispenser.  I love puns, though I prefer to say them rather than write them — it just translates better when spoken.

My fiancee took that picture of me (above) when I was blowing on a campfire.  She was going to delete it, but it was far too much fun Photoshop’ing it into me looking like the devil.

When not living on a cruise ship, I am in central Florida freelancing as a sound-and-lights guy for concerts and corporate events.  My fiancee works for Geico and takes care of our dogs and cat while I am out on ship.  We plan to move to New York in a couple of years.  I plan to retire as a high school or community college teacher in drama or technical theatre.

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