Why did he scratch your car?

Today presents a question for all the ex-girlfriends out there:

Why did he scratch your car?

This question is undoubtedly asked by all the best friends of the ex’s who are chewing gum while they ask, so it sounds like “Why did he *squeesh* scratch your *squeesh* car?”

At at the time of this writing the question is unanswered on WikiAnswers, so I’ll go right ahead and answer it from the best of my knowledge:

He scratched your car, b*tch, because you did it to him first. When you found out he cheated on you with your sister. But girl, it wasn’t the Ferrari that cheated on you, ok? Next time, scratch him, not his precious.

Dapper + Answers.com = Beautiful Facebook Apps

From Techcrunch today:

We’ve been working with the guys at Dapper.netto create Facebook apps that deliver some of our best trivia feeds to Facebook profiles.

“Dapper is debuting the AppMaker with an Answers.com application that features three applets: Word of the Day, Today in History, and Do You Have the Answers?”

Where in a human body is the soul located?

Mmmm. Feeling philosophical. Or maybe that’s hunger?

Where in a human body is the soul located?

Now, you can choose to click that and get all these smarty-pants answers. Or you can listen to me. Right now. Here it is:

The soul is the appendix. You know, that dangling thing that no one knows what it does? That’s your soul, baby. And you know how some people have to get their appendixes removed? Those are bad, bad people. Soulless.

What do apple snails eat?

Summer is in full bloom. I feel like being in nature. Is sitting outside with a laptop nature?

And today’s question will represent my nature-y mood:

What do apple snails eat?

Ah, yes. The apple snail, quite an elusive creature. Lean in close for the answer. It needs to be whispered, lest they hear me and wake up from their delicate apple snail slumber. A little closer. Closer.


Why are clouds white?

This is an easy one, perfect for a Monday while I’m still rubbing my eyes open:

Why are clouds white?

I can’t believe this wasn’t nailed right away in the WikiAnswer (although, admittedly, the answer posted there does make a lot of sense).

Clouds are white because they are God’s cotton ball supply. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a non-white cotton ball. He plucks a handful of cloud and rolls it up and then proceeds to do whatever it is you do with cotton balls (what do you do with cotton balls?).

They also serve nicely as the ends of q-tips and ammunition in heavenly snowball fights.

Think outside the box!


We’ve just released into the wild world web a set of brand new fabulous AnswerBoxes; 19 designs to fit your blogging pleasure.

Write about the stock market? Or maybe you’re an educator? Food write ups? Or maybe you just like the colour blue…

These aren’t your mama’s search boxes. These hotties include Find As You Type technology, designed to help get you directly to the information you want.

Play with it on this blog. Get it here.