Meet SummerMaple: Veterinarian from Nebraska!

SummerMaple, such a fitting name for this time of year!  She now has more than 27,000 contributions since starting on the site in 2010 and she was an AnswerThon runner up.  This very knowledgeable contributor from Nebraska is a veterinarian who works for the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service. She is an excellent Category Supervisor for Veterinary Medicine who truly improves the quality of information on our site.  Not only does she work in the field, but SummerMaple also raises her own steer, pigs, chickens and turkeys!  Her hobbies include cross-stitching, quilting, and doing word and logic puzzles.  Read more and get to know SummerMaple.

What is your first name? My first name is Jessica.

foodinspectionWhat is your occupation?

 I am a public health veterinarian and food safety inspector.

How did you discover

I found the website through a random search result a couple of years ago. I started answering some of the questions in Veterinary Medicine and have been hooked ever since.

What enticed you to join our community?

I liked having the opportunity to really connect with people and have respectful conversations back and forth about topics.  By investing time in one category, I’m able to see how others update or view my answers, and I usually end up learning more about how non-veterinarians see issues and problems.

What is your favorite thing to do on

I like to finish reviewing a page of answers in my category (Veterinary Medicine) and feel comfortable that the questions belong in the category and the answers are accurate and balanced.  It takes 2-3 weeks for me to make it through one page, but I’ve managed to clean out a lot of bad answers.  That includes: gibberish, disrespectful posts, not answering the questions, wrong or outdated information and more.

What accomplishments on are you proud of?

I’m getting very close to having 27,000 contributions which will make me very happy.  I also came in as a runner-up in a previous AnswerThon, which was a complete surprise.  I was just working on questions in my spare time during the AnswerThon.

Who is your favorite poet?   shel-silverstein

My favorite poet is Shel Silverstein because he has such a range of work published for young people and adults. Take a look at The Devil and Billy Markham, one of Silverstein’s books for grown-ups.

Raven3What is your favorite poem and why? 

My favorite poem is The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe because it’s such a powerful poem to hear recited aloud. A skilled orator could bring a room of teenagers on the last day before summer break to a respectful silence with this poem.

Do you view the glass ‘half full’ or ‘half empty’?  

I view ‘the glass’ as having sufficient reserve capacity to be assured of handling the anticipated volume, mostly because I’m a government employee.

You can only pick one:  banjo, butterfly, or babbling brook.  Which would you choose and why? babbrook

I would choose a babbling brook because I love the sound of running water and find it very soothing.

What do you find most challenging as an Supervisor

The hardest part to me is to find the balance between preserving credit for a good answer and merging questions that need to be merged.  I often find a really good answer to a poorly written question (bad grammar, misspellings, etc) and it’s hard to keep the author information intact for that good answer after cleaning up the question and merging it into another question.

What are your special interests, hobbies, or collections?  

Outside of Answers, I spend a lot of time on

It’s a virtual pet site with the added bonus of having accurate animal and health information and a mission to support animal rescue groups with their profits.  Shameless self-promotion: if someone makes an account on PowerPets, can you put me (SummerMaple) down as the person who recommended you?  It’ll get me closer to completing a conquest on the site.

What is one quirky or interesting random fact about you that most people may not know?

In my professional life I tend to be very diplomatic and sensitive to others’ emotions and beliefs.  To vent my spleen after almost always being considerate, I play Diablo III and prefer the Barbarian and Monk because they are the toe-to-toe hack-and-slash characters.

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Meet Soulcist: A Georgia Poet who Loves His Home and Family


Yusemi and Soulcist
Yusemi and Soulcist

Soulcist has been on the site for close to a year now, and he has certainly made his presence felt with over 54,000 contributions. He’s a Senior Mentor, a Vandal Patrol Generalist, a Community Outreach WikiGuide and a Category Supervisor in six categories! He is most active in Teen Dating and Xbox Live. In his free time he teaches himself to build software-based webites. He is devoted to a few very special people, including Yusemi and his grandmother, but get to know him and you will see he is sensitive and considerate of everyone in his life and on our site. To find out more about Soulcist, visit his profile where he shares some of his own beautiful poetry and more. We are lucky to have such a genuine person as a member of our community and we can only wish him the best. Continue reading “Meet Soulcist: A Georgia Poet who Loves His Home and Family”

Meet C.Hainsaw: He’s out of this world!

Meet C.Hainsaw. He’s one of the most cherished and longstanding members of our Community. In trust points alone he’s over the 2600 mark. Overall, C.Hainsaw has almost 248,000 contributions! His knowledge is broad which qualifies him to supervise many categories, especially those related to the US Military, Law and Legal Issues, and Jobs and Education. He participates enthusiastically in our contests and programs, and has won many awards. Among them, he was the top Mentor for the Most Outstanding Performance Overall in the 2011 WAmmy and he won the Best How-To in the 2010 WAmmy. Read more to learn about this wise and thoughtful member of who is also, by the way, passionate about his family! Continue reading “Meet C.Hainsaw: He’s out of this world!”

An Ode to

Answers.comOne of our contributors, Judy Florian, provides an interesting look inside this crazy ride called in our featured poem this week. has facts about the Battle of Waterloo and it also has the latest reality show gossip. But it all falls into place and we learn from each other while building the world’s leading Q&A site.

We Learn from YOU, by Judy Florian, July 8, 2010

Need quick answers to your problems?
Volunteers will reply to each of them.
From students’ to professionals’ wisdom
We give true answers to all who come. is the place to turn!
For any subject you wish to learn.
Type a question, see what’s there!
Celebrity to chemistry to polar bear.

Are you curious about Lindsay Lohan?
Database design? or the newest band?
Tracing of blood through your heart?
Give us a topic from which to start!

Ask the most trivial, the most obscure.
Ask about what makes you feel unsure.
We’ll do our best to explain it well,
Define, describe, in detail we’ll tell.

Studying the history of Women’s Lib?
Don’t understand parents? problem sibs?
Concerned about how your boyfriend acts?
Want to understand, know, get the facts?

Want help for your relationship stress?
How she could cheat, but not confess?
Are you figuring out personality types?
Want to understand what’s all the hype?

Test questions? Well, that’s not our goal.
Supplies of test answers creates a hole
In learning all that you will need to know.
But by explanation, Answers we’ll show.

Our directions will give you the source.
Show you ways to pass that school course!
And in the process, volunteers learn too.
From Bieber, to NASA, we learn from YOU!

It’s easy to register and to join the site,
Become a contributor, post Answers right.
Newbie to experienced pro,
In your contributions, let knowledge show!

Earn Trust Points with answers written well.
Compassion, respect, and your grammar tells
That you’re one who will share all you know
For recent questions, or ones from long ago.

Then work your way up, if that’s what you want.
Consistency makes advancement an easy jaunt!
Come quick to to get it right., The World’s Leading Q&A Site.

Anku m knows what she is

Anku m is another one of our contributors with a penchant for poetry. She enjoys studying science in school (biology in particular). But when school’s out she focuses her energies on more creative pursuits, including digital photography, painting and the written word. This poem of hers is titled “I know what I am.”

I know what I am, by Anku m

Certain things to know
Obstination they show
Still I don’t know
Why they slow…

If I go round ‘n’ round
Earth I may see
Is not what I think
Oh! I remember
There are many things
Out of my know-how

I wondered life
Yes, I know it strides
Learnin’ from episodes
Trials and ordeals
From birth to present time
And to death

Certain things to know
Obstination they show
Still I don’t know
Why they slow…

Not immortal
Or just divine
In this present time
I know
As its very far
A way from my go
Better there are
Many things to know

Life’s so illustrative
But why am I not illustrious
Mind inquisitive
Mind anxious
Nothing I know

Certain things to know
Obstination they show
Still I don’t know
Why they slow…

One cannot know everything
But I know what I am