Big news: We’ve hit 7 million members!

Wow. This week we reached a huge milestone — 7,011,889 registered members! That’s an additional 1.3 million contributors since this time last year. We’ve come a long way since 2005, when there were less than 1,000 members on FAQ Farm (which later became WikiAnswers) — talk about exponential growth! We’re so happy that our community of answerers continues to thrive. We couldn’t be the world’s greatest Q&A resource without you.

p.s. Are you not a member of our community yet? Join today to start earning contribution points, trust points… and the satisfaction that you are helping to answer the world’s burning questions.

Steven Keyman is the Million Contribution Man

ruby contributorYou may remember back in May that HisPowr4U passed the million contribution milestone.  She now has some company in the 1,000,000 contrib club… Steven Keyman!  Steven has been an active contributor since June, 2006 (when WikiAnswers was known as FAQ Farm!).

Along the way he’s helped countless memorabilia collectors with their questions about sports collectibles and sports cards.  He also walked away with three WAmmy Awards earlier this year.  Even more, he finished in 2nd place in our first AnswerThon, 1st place in the April edition and 3rd place in our most recent (October) installment of the question-answering contest!  Be sure to take a moment and congratulate the Key Man today!

HisPowr4U Passes a Mega Milestone

May 22, 2009 is a date that will be forever etched in WikiAnswers history.  At 5:32 am ET on that date a supervisor by the name of HisPowr4U became the first person to join the million contributions club.  Wow!  1,000,000 contributions since she joined the site on October 11, 2007.

2008 WAmmy Award for Most ContributionsI’ll recount her varied accomplishments here for those who are not yet familiar.  She stormed onto the WikiAnswers scene in late 2007 and still garnered two WAmmy awards (Honorable Mentions for “Best Contributions by a New Supervisor” and “Most Active New Supervisor”) for her earnest contributing those last few months.  From there her passion for organization enabled her to nab 3rd place in the Mission: Recategorization competition in mid-2008.  Her Spanish translation acumen paid dividends later in the year when she earned top honors in the How-To AnswerThon.  Last, but not least, that year she took home four 2008 WAmmy awards including “The Good Samaritan Award” for most contributions during the year! She also threw in a 3rd place finish in this year’s AnswerThon for good measure.

What else can I say about this bug-catching, uncategorized-loving Wikiholic?  Just that we’re grateful to have HER Power For US!

WikiAnswers: now with over 10 million questions!

Here’s a fun fact: In the little over two years since was acquired, the number of questions on the site has increased 35-fold. On March 6th – last Friday – the site was asked its 10 millionth question.

10 million questions on WikiAnswers!

Here’s another fun fact: The 10 millionth question was – drum roll please –

How long is the flight from Newark to Sydney?

That ought to awaken the travel bug in you!

Some other fun facts:

  • According to comScore, US unique visitors reached nearly 19 million in January 2009, compared to 729 thousand in December 2006.
  • During this time period,’s market share increased from 4% to nearly 35%, vs. Yahoo! Answers, based on US unique visitors.
  • There are over 500 volunteer Supervisors and millions of contributors from around the world asking, answering and editing across the site’s 4,712 categories.

As quoted by Bruce D. Smith, who leads the Community Development team: “We aim to make the best place for users to find answers to all their questions.”

So that’s the challenge put forth to you: What are your questions? Have they been asked at yet? And how long before 15 million, 100 million, a billion questions?

Now celebrating the 3 millionth answer.

3 millionth answer!It’s WikiAnswers Wednesday, which means we’re taking a look at a question on WikiAnswers that has caught our eye. But today’s question is more than just another one of the millions of questions on WikiAnswers; it’s a milestone: the question containing the 3 millionth answer!

Here’s the Q&A that can boast the honor:

Will every solid with the same dimension have the same density?

Now, physics might not be your game, but it is for others, including Emdrgreg, who provided the – if I may say so – very well-written answer. I’m no science  buff myself, so here’s an excerpt in case we’d all like to learn a thing or two about the density of solids with the same dimensions:

“No. Density is a property of a given material, regardless of how much or how little you have. Density is mass divided by volume. These statements are not contradictory…”

Glad at least one of us out there knows the answer! It’s also very encouraging to see the Q&A community in action, with their millions of contributions. Keep up the quality work, Emdrgreg.

This is also a great opportunity to thank the millions of contributors – members and anonymous – who have asked, answered and edited on WikiAnswers.

Now, let’s get moving with the next million…

Congrats to An8thg for a truly amazing feat.

Congratulations to An8thg, a wonderful Wikiholic, who has reached a new milestone in her WikiAnswers obsession:

While this is a wonderful accomplishment, it should be noted that An8thg actually did a bit more than make it to over 200,000 contributions… In her words, there needs to be a new badge for those reaching this slightly more impressive milestone:

WOW. You go girl… (go get yourself some high speed internet, that is!)

WikiAnswers makes the leap to 4 million questions.

As reported by the fancy WikiAnswers PR people over at headquarters, WikiAnswers now has over 4 million questions under its bulging belt.

With the summer Olympic games in full swing these last few weeks, it’s no shock that the four millionth question went something like this:

Are there any new sports in the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

It has a great answer, too. 3000m Steeplechase… Hmmm… Is that like running after churches?

Congrats to WikiAnswers and the wonderfully active community behind every single question and answer. Some of us had a running poll to guess when the site would reach 4 million. I’m proud to say I optimistically claimed August.

Now, on to 5 million… By next week?