Community Outreach Summer Run contest coming soon! Win an iPad Air!

Answers Community Outreach


Summer Run 2015


Who wouldn’t love to have an iPad Air?!

The Answers Community Outreach program is offering you a chance to win an iPad Air, simply for greeting new contributors via their Answers message boards in a contest called Community Outreach Summer Run!

The Community Outreach Summer Run is a two month long contest, rewarding participants who greet the most new contributors, with a 1st place minimum of 1200 greets, during the months of June and July 2015, spreading community awareness while winning prizes at the same time!

Summer Run Prizes

1st Place Prize:
iPad Air
(totally awesome!)
CO or Answers tee (your choice!)
Summer Run 2015 1st Place badge

2nd Place Prize
Cozy Sherpa Blanket with Answers logo (soft!)
CO or Answers tee (your choice!)
Summer Run 2015 2nd Place Badge

3rd Place Prize
Answers Leather Portfolio (nice!)
CO or Answers tee (your choice!)
Summer Run 2015 3rd Place Badge

4th Place Prize
Answers Light-up Computer Mouse (cool!)
CO or Answers tee (your choice!)
Summer Run 2015 4th Place Badge

5th Place Prize
CO or Answers tee (your choice!)
Summer Run 2015 5th Place Badge

Runners Up
10 Extra Missions Credits
Summer Run 2015 Runner-Up Badge

  • Registration is easy!
  • To join Community Outreach, just contact Robin on her message board HERE and say,  

“I Want To Win An iPad!”

You will have a running list of new contributors to greet, and all you have to do is message them via their message boards on the Answers website.

Summer Run begins at midnight June 1st EST and ends at midnight July 28th EST.

Come join us, meet new people, make new friends, and have lots of fun for a chance to win fabulous prizes!!

Hope to see you in the Summer Run!

All participants must be at least 13 years old and will receive a Community Outreach Summer Run 2015 participation badge on their Answers profiles.

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