Who is PPMSJohn?

He claims to have a demented sense of humor and lives by the motto, “Don’t Panic!”  John, aka PPMSJohn, has been with Answers since January.  Let’s see what else John has to share with us about himself!

Q:  Does your username, PPMSJohn, have a special meaning?
A: I have a daily fight with primary progressive MS and that fight helps define me.

Q:  What about your family?
A: Married for 17 years, we have an 18 year old adopted daughter that became our foster child when she was 12.

Golden Doodle
Golden Doodle

Q:  Do you have any pets?
A: 3 Dogs: Golden Doodle: Mithkah (sweetness in Hebrew), Mini Golden Doodle: Kashyyyk (Wookiee home world in Star Wars), and Pug: Roxy (she was rescued so no unique name here)

Q:  What are your special interests?
A: I have received extensive training in the field of religion.

Q:  What influenced you in choosing your field(s) of study?
A: The quest for knowledge of God and his purposes.

Q:  What is your occupation?
A: Right now I’m currently not working due to my disability. I was in steel sales when I was younger, but left that because of the enormous amount of stress that came with it. I was most recently in the field of tool rental as home improvement projects were a big hobby of mine.

Q:  Where are you from; where did you grow up?
A: I’m from Massillon, Ohio

Q:  What life accomplishments are you proud of?
A: Becoming a foster parent and being able to adopt our daughter. Taking in someone that needed our love and care.

Q:  Who or what has been or is your inspiration in life?
A: The example of love and compassion that Jesus Christ set.

Q:  What are you most passionate about in your life?

A: After God and family, probably food and good beer.

Q:  Where is one place in the world you would love to visit and why?
A: Israel because of the history involved.

Q:  What do you enjoy for recreation? Reading, television, movies, running, sports, music, cooking, sewing, crocheting, swimming – whatever you love to do!

A:  Studying and gathering information is actually a hobby of mine… sad I know! I also enjoy sports, music and occasional online gaming.

Q:  Do you have any special talents?
A: I have been told I have a gift for public speaking.

Q:  If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?
A: 1st wish: The wisdom to not mess up my next 2 wishes. 2nd and 3rd wishes: Don’t have the first yet so I do not know.

Q:  How did you discover Answers.com?
A: Asking a question in Google search.

Q: What enticed you to join our community and what do you like best about the community?
A: I thought it was an excellent concept. Asking questions and getting an answer from another person, one that you could contact through the site if needed. Then I thought about sharing my knowledge of the Bible with those that are asking sincere questions.

Q:  What is your favorite thing to do on Answers.com?
A: Answering questions of course!

Q:  If you were inviting someone to join Answers.com, what reason(s) would you give them to convince them they would love being a part of our community?
A: It is a good way to make a contribution to educating society.

Q:  Glass half full or half empty? Why?
A: Half full, unless it’s good beer, because it won’t be half full for long.

Q:  And last, but certainly not least, tell us about one quirky or interesting random fact about you that most people may not know?
A:  I love to say something crazy and off the wall to someone just to see how they will react. I have to put concentrated effort into appearing serious though or the reaction won’t be genuine.


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