Happy Thanksgiving from Answers! (and a few recipes)

175546220It’s Thanksgiving here in the US.  It’s the day that kick-starts our holiday season.  The day we take a moment to be thankful.  The day the kids watch parades while Dad watches football.  Have you ever stopped to wonder, “When was the first Thanksgiving celebration?”  Take a few minutes to visualize what that first Thanksgiving celebration must have been like.  Must have been really amazing!

Thanksgiving is also a time when there’s lots of activity in the kitchen.   And oh, the aromas that waft through the house as that delicious Thanksgiving feast is being prepared!  Turkey and dressing are traditionally the center of attention on the dinner table at Thanksgiving.  So two very popular questions at Answers around this time of year is “How do you cook a turkey?” and “How do you make dressing to go with Thanksgiving dinner?”  The traditional Thanksgiving feast usually includes a few other dishes such as yummy “Candied Sweet Potatoes with Pecans and Marshmallows,” mouth-watering “Homemade Cranberry Sauce,” and delicious “Pumpkin Pie.”  What dishes are traditional in your family?  Share with us in the comments section, and recipes would be great!

Here’s wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Answers!  Have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones!



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