Reasons to Participate in the November Rumble AnswerThon: Starting tonight on!


The November Rumble AnswerThon starts tonight at midnight (Thursday, November 20th, at 12:00 am EST), and runs until Sunday, November 23rd, at 11:59 pm EST. Simply sign up, log on, and start answering any unanswered question!

Why should I participate in the AnswerThon? We thought you’d ask that!

So we’ve put together a few fun Reasons to Participate in the November Rumble AnswerThon:

  • Increase your contributions count exponentially in just one weekend!  Rack those babies up!
  • Show off your expertise!  Let your smarts hang out!
  • Become a top contributor of 2014! Top 10?  #1?  You decide!
  • Help out hundreds of people looking for answers in just 4 days!  From all over the world – without leaving home!
  • Win an Amazon gift card, just in time for holiday shopping! Or spend it on yourself!
  • Win awesome Answers merchandise!  Wear it, carry it or use it!
  • Avoid a weekend of raking leaves, shopping at a busy mall, or cleaning the house for visiting in-laws!  You have a great reason to say, “I have plans!”
  • Meet other users who are competing and love to answer as much as you do!
  • Unlike a 5K or an obstacle course competition, you won’t freeze your bum!
  • LOTS of winners – $2000 in prizes will be awarded to 38 AnswerThon winners!
  • It’s EASY to win – if you post just 10 answers, you’re automatically entered in the random drawing to win a $25 Amazon gift card! How easy is that? Sign up now!
  • Learn random fun facts that you can impress your family with at Thanksgiving! Will anyone else at dinner know how exactly how tall the Washington Monument is? Didn’t think so!
  • And best of all, It’s fun!  Sign up now!

Remember, answers must be at least 2 sentences long to qualify, and exact duplicates are not counted in your answer totals. For a complete list of rules, regulations, tips, and prizes, click here.

Good luck, ladies and gents!!

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