Meet Jam499: Great Mom, Sister and NASCAR fan!

Jam499 and her son!
Jam499 and her son!

Jam499 has been on for less than a year, yet she is already a Gold Contributor with over 77,000 contributions. She is active in the Community Outreach Program as a WikiGuide and on Vandal Patrol as a Senior Generalist. Her favorite categories range from Grammar and Parts of Speech to rock bands like Guns N’ Roses and Pink Floyd – quite a combo. She is proud to be from Rhode Island and loves NASCAR.  Her tastes and interests are diverse, but the center of her universe is her son!  Read more and get to know Jam499.

What is your first name?  My first name is Jody.

What is your occupation?  

My youngest sister has developmental delays, and I work with her providing direct care. I also manage the staff and coordinate her day program.

What is your username and how did it come about?  

My username is Jam499. I needed something that I would remember, so I went with my initials and the month and year of my son’s birth.

Where in the world do you hail from and what makes this place special?  

I live in Rhode Island and have for most of my life. I am proud to call “The Biggest Little State in the Union” home.

How did you discover

I was researching a grammar topic, and I found the answer on

What enticed you to join our community? 

After finding the answer that I was looking for, I started poking my nose around some of the English Language categories. I was very impressed by the dedicated group of contributors and Supervisors, as well as the quality of the answers. I suppose it was the community itself that enticed me to join.

What is your favorite thing to do on

I like doing all of it. I have a short attention span, so when I get bored, I move on to something else.

What life accomplishments are you proud of? 

My son.

What accomplishments on are you proud of?  

The Mentoring Program was a wonderfully challenging experience for me. I had an amazing mentor in Wildrosebeef, and she stood by me through all the ups and downs. I am quite proud of being a Mentoring Program Graduate.

What is your favorite type of music?  

I love many genres of music, but rock really does it for me. My favorite bands are Tool and Pink Floyd.

You can only pick one:  banjo, butterfly, or babbling brook. Which would you choose and why? 

Definitely a butterfly. It’s my only tattoo, and I have a slight obsession with symmetry. If I were a butterfly, I could fly to the babbling brook and listen to the man playing his banjo.

What do you find most challenging as an Supervisor

The biggest challenge is to not lose my cool when dealing with someone insistent on arguing with me.

What are your special interests, hobbies, or collections? 

I am a die-hard NASCAR fan. I enjoy spending my Sunday afternoons on the edge of my couch screaming at the television. I’ve had the great pleasure of going to numerous races in New Hampshire, as well. There isn’t anything quite like being up against the fence and watching those cars come off Turn 2, on the brink of disaster!

What is your inspiration in life?  

Coffee, coffee, and more coffee!

You have two pets. Tell us about some of their antics!


There’s no shortage of personality in my pets. I wouldn’t have it any other way either.

My dog’s name is Shadow. She’s a bit rambunctious, and her previous owner couldn’t handle her. She was a little over a year old when I took her in, and she’s four now. Since becoming a dog owner, I’ve noticed a serious drop in the sock population. The funniest thing I have ever seen is my dog tiptoeing across the kitchen floor to sneak up on the cat.Jam's cat

My cat’s name is Pretty Kitty. A family member asked me to watch her for the weekend, and I decided against giving her back. That was eight years ago. In addition to my cat hiding in cupboards and walking on top of doors, she steals my make-up brushes and hair ties. She has this amusing version of hide-and-seek/peek-a-boo that she plays. I crawl around on the floor and ask, “Where’s the Pretty Kitty?” and she jumps out of wherever she’s hiding and swats at me a few times. She knocks ornaments off the Christmas tree and blames the dog, and she somehow manages to deposit cat litter in the dog’s water bowl several times a day.

Check out some of Jam499’s Q&A:

What comes after a direct object?

How do you know if a linking verb is a predicate adjective or noun?


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