Meet Rhyfor: A Christmas Miracle!

Rhyfor is a Christmas miracle and we couldn’t resist featuring him this week in the Contributor Corner as we come to the end of 2012! Based in Scotland, he is a top Supervisor who has earned many badges: Senior Supervisor, Mentoring Program Mentor, Category Supervisor for the iPhone, the iPad 2 and Technology, SPA Active Alumni, WikiGuide for Community Outreach, Bug Catcher, Senior Generalist for Vandal Patrol and Gold Contributor with over 89.000 contributions! He is a valuable contributor on our site and we are pleased to present him to our community. Read more to get to know him and learn about his miracle!

What is your first name?

My first name is John.

What is your occupation?

I’m a Funeral Director and a Managing Director. I am also a qualified chef and housing officer.

What is your username and how did it come about?

Although no one has guessed my username, it is actually made up from the names of local streets.

Lanarkshire, Scotland
Lanarkshire, Scotland

Where in the world do you hail from and what makes this place special?

I come from Lanarkshire, Central Scotland. I live in a rural part, but my business is in an urban area. The Clyde Valley in Lanarkshire is world famous for fruit producing. My sisters picked fruit in Clyde Valley. People from the cities would visit the area for a working holiday to be in the countryside, have a holiday and earn money at the same time. The UNESCO World Heritage site of New Lanark, a planned settlement, is also in Lanarkshire. The small village was built by Robert Owen, a Welsh philanthropist and social reformer.

How did you discover

I was researching something on the net, when I saw an answer from and as they say, the rest is history: I was hooked!

What enticed you to join our community?

I was answering questions and, as usual for most newbies, I visited the Help Centre to see what was what. I noticed the Supervisor section and after a couple of days I thought that I might be able to do that, so I applied! Everyone was so helpful – and they still are.

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

It would have to be an eagle or a similar bird so I could soar high in the skies, traveling far and wide and seeing the world around me.

What is your favorite thing to do on

I do a lot of different activities on, but I like filtering the flagged questions and ensuring that there are no flagged answers or questions that contain bad language.

If you were inviting someone to join, what reason(s) would you give them to become a part of our community? is a great way to use your spare time, enjoy a warm community, and learn something new by just clicking on random questions.

What life accomplishments are you proud of?

I guess at the moment I could say just being here. Some 15 years ago I was a community representative in Lanarkshire and in that role I saved a well-used community centre from closure. Today it’s going stronger than ever, and it’s used by senior citizens and others to hold meetings, play dominoes and cards and even for wedding receptions!

One more thing: I gained the last set of post nominal letters after my name in 2010 as a Chartered Member of the Institute of Housing.

What accomplishments on are you proud of?

I’m proud of my protege, Skullcandy88. Helping him was like looking after a member of your own family. It was a proud day when he graduated!

What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you?

When I was 15, I had a summer job that I really liked. When it ended, my colleagues “greased” me to show their “appreciation.” I won’t go into the details!

What is the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

Having three girlfriends at once! They all knew and I think they shared me!!

What is your favorite type of music?  What is your favorite band or artist?  

My favourite music is pop and the 1980’s. I like a lot of music. Only the other day after watching a movie, I downloaded Elvis’ Burning Love.

What makes you unique?

I guess the only answer to this is that there is only one of me. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is for others to say.

What do you find most challenging as an Supervisor?

The interface that is used! You can’t easily put something on the site. It’s frustrating to add a picture or to get your profile to look good.

What are your special interests, hobbies, or collections?  

I collect telephones and telephone systems and have done this since I was young.

What are you most passionate about in your life?

Helping and fighting for others rights! I always have and always will. I like to ensure everyone gets a fair role of the dice.

Where is one place in the world you would love to visit and why?

The office in St.Louis as I would like to meet the team, including Gregg, a great support and community manager.

What is one quirky or interesting random fact about you that most people may not know?

I owned a nightclub when I was 19 – happy days!

Do you want to add anything?  

This year I battled cancer of the kidney and survived! I had a major life saving operation a few months ago which I’m still recovering from. I got the best Christmas present anyone could get: the all clear that the cancer has gone. I feel that I was lucky. If one major operation was enough to save my life, then I gladly paid the price for it. I don’t require any of the rough treatments like chemo or radiotherapy and best of all, the consultant doesn’t want to see me for any more follow-ups! A true Christmas miracle!

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