The Questions and Answers that Defined 2012

2012-132012 was an election year, an Olympics year and the year a superstorm struck the Big Apple. The iPhone 5 was released, Whitney Houston died, and we all heard PSY’s “Gangnam Style” one too many times. Before we ring in 2013, or before the world ends, let’s review some of the top questions you searched for on in 2012:

Election coverage dominated the news this year. You were most interested in how the number of electoral votes for each state is determined as well as what Mitt Romney’s real name is. The economy stayed stagnant in 2012, and as a result, job interview questions remained popular on Our top interview question: How do you answer ‘What are your strengths and weaknesses’ in a job interview?
In August, the world tuned into the Summer Olympic Games in London. How much Olympic gold medals are worth piqued your curiosity as did the symbolism of the Olympic rings. In the world of entertainment, you wondered what in the world “Gangnam style” is, how Whitney Houston died, and what the names of the One Direction boys are.

Hurricane Sandy battered the east coast this fall. How many people died from Sandy was one question you wanted answered about the so-called superstorm. On a lighter note, we finally updated our answer to the ever-popular query, Is Kate Middleton pregnant? Next year expect questions about the royal baby to top our list again.

Current events and pop culture aside, are you curious what was our most popular question of the year? Here you go: What is the easiest way to get rid of lower stomach fat? (Clicked more than 650,000 times!) Hmm, look’s like some New Year’s resolutions are in order.

Author: Robin

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