Our newest site: Coupons by Answers.com

The holiday season is upon us! Less than 30 days until Black Friday, the traditional start of the holiday shopping season. More than ever before, consumers are turning to the web for deal-hunting on their holiday purchases. So to help our users find the best bargains on the web, we are excited to announce the launch of Coupons by Answers.com!

What is Coupons by Answers.com? It’s an aggregation of the web’s hottest deals — coupons, free shipping offers, discounts, and much more — from popular online retailers such as Best Buy, Target, Macy’s, and Pottery Barn. But what makes this new site particularly special is that we’ll be combining all of this with the community-based Q and A for which Answers.com is known and trusted. With a slight twist: because of the short-lived nature of coupons as well as the opinion-based nature of deal-hunting, we have introduced the multiple answer format for our new Coupons site. Our consumer research has indicated this is the best way to help shoppers, and we’re excited about rolling out this new approach.

Why are we launching our Coupons site? We have found that consumers frequently have questions about the stores and products they want to buy, as well as about the coupons they find. Within our vast community, we know we have plenty of shopping experts who can answer a wide range of shopping-related questions, and we want to share their expertise with our broad audience to users to give them more confidence that they are getting the most for their money.

To celebrate the launch of Coupons, we’re giving away $100 gift cards every day for the next two weeks! Just answer the question posted on the Coupons homepage for a chance to win. And, double your chances to win by “Liking” us on Facebook! Check out all the best bargains at your favorite retailer, then let us know what you think in the comments. Happy Savings!

Author: Robin

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