as a source – for an entire book!

Many of you have used for writing research papers, settling heated trivia battles or just plain browsing. But what about using to write an entire book?

Harold Kirsh, a retired physician and longtime user of, recently did just that. To write Thank You America, Kirsh referenced our “encyclo-diction-almanac-apedia” heavily using 1-Click Answers.

Thank You America, a reader-friendly overview of American history, follows the travels of Dr. Kirsh and his wife (more than 14,000 miles total!) as they visit every American president’s birthplace, burial site, and over one hundred associated museums and memorials. Among the highlights of their journey were: sitting in John Adams’ pew in his church, touring Truman’s library with Harry Truman himself, meeting the man who made FDR’s leg braces, and spending a day poring over scrapbooks with Eddie Jacobson’s 16-year-old daughter.

The result is a proud, heartfelt American journey, packed with historical gems and anecdotes.

“Almost all my Internet searches were performed by utilizing,” Dr. Kirsh said. “When I began writing the book I found out how useful a function it was since I could easily improve my writing while on the word processor.” 1-Click Answers allowed him to define words, check spelling, find synonyms and reference American history articles. is very proud to be mentioned in the acknowledgements of Thank You America! For more information on Dr. Kirsh and his book, visit

Have you used as a source recently? Let us know about it in the comments.

Author: Robin

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