Feeling stuck? Take some advice from our Answers.com supervisors

I recently finished reading the bestselling book, You Unstuck, from keynote speaker, branding expert and executive coach, Libby Gill. It was extremely insightful and helped me to better understand the ins and outs of risk taking as related to getting beyond fears and excuses through a process known as CSE – Clarify, Simplify and Execute. Having often received great advice and ideas from Answers.com, after reading the book I was inspired to ask our awesome Supervisor community, “What do you do when you are feeling stuck”?

Here is their wise advice. Enjoy the journey of getting unstuck Answers.com style!

Aggie80: “Start playing the ukulele!”

Luvhistory2010: “I pray that God would show me what I need to do to get unstuck.”

Blue: “My default is going to the bookshelf. And don’t go for one of those “bestsellers” that will be gone within the decade…go for literature that has stood the test of time.”

Jadeacres: “A change, no matter how small is always as good as a rest. Small changes can offer new perspective. Life can get mundane if you do the same thing(s) everyday. Sure, there are certain things you must do but shuffling the deck a bit will surprise you with how it can affect your mood.”

TheGiraffeNinja: “I listen to music and clean. Cleaning and rearranging a room gives you a new feel, not like it’s the same thing over and over.”

Dfoofnik: “Borrow a kitten from someone for a few days.”

Rudiful2: “I have two hobbies, when I feel like my life has become tedious, routine and monotonous, I find being creative focuses the mind away from the ho-hum feelings. I have a woodworking shop and I will make something I have never made before (which takes in-depth thought), or, with Answers.com being my second hobby [any hobby(ies) will work], I will answer questions that take a lot of research which focuses my mind away from my original issues, it’s like stepping away until you can refresh.”

Jo-bar: “I make playlists. ‘Peppy’ is one of my favorite collections for when I have tedious chores to do. It’s hard to get bored when your feet are dancing and your hips are swaying!”

Fuzzy Logic: “Take a class. It doesn’t matter if it’s academic or just for fun (or it could be both!) It’s hard to stay stuck when your mind is expanding.”

Doditov: “What works for this overachiever is to declare a “me” day. I appoint a day, hopefully within a week of my irritations, and devote the entire day to me.”

JoyceP: “While I realize different things work for different people, all I can say is what’s helped me, which is a lot of prayers, tears, and a lot of soul searching. I’ve learned that when life sometimes kicks me down, the best way for me to deal with it is to crawl inside my ‘shell’ and just let the emotions flow, sort of like draining pus from an infected area so it can heal.”

Mcgrumpy: “Just remember manana does not mean tomorrow it means not today. It takes the pressure off.”

Lily of the valley: “When I get like that, I try to do something completely new, that gives me a bit of a challenge. Something that is different to my normal routine, after doing that, I find that I can motivate myself again.”

Wildrosebeef: “If I feel stuck I like to get out of the house for a little while.”

AnswerAngel18: “You can turn it (being stuck) into a positive. Feeling stuck can be just part of life’s little pauses that surely won’t last forever or for long. It’s just life saying, “Here’s a pause, is there some things you want to think over and contemplate, reconsider, recognize, appreciate, etc?””

Your comments are welcome!

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