meets Justin Bieber

After a four-hour wait, our meeting was very brief. Mere seconds, in fact.

“Hi, I am from,” I said, walking up to Justin Bieber. “We answer questions about you everyday…”

Before I could finish my sentence, I was whisked off the stage. Though the “VIP” photo op was so short, it was still enough to leave many fans crying and hyperventilating.

Bieber, who appeared a bit tired, made his rounds in New York City this week on the Today Show, the View, David Letterman and Macy’s, just down the street from the offices, where he promoted his new perfume. His fans followed his every step.

“When I say Justin, you say Bieber! Justin! Bieber! Justin! Bieber!” the girls chanted inside Macy’s.

Screaming fans, mainly tweens and children as young as four years old, stood in the stand-still line for three to four hours before they were able to redeem their VIP passes to meet the star. One of them, a 14-year-old from Saudi Arabia, purchased 100 bottles of his perfume to give to friends back home. She had already used half of the bottle of fruity, floral scent herself.

“I have seen his movie Never Say Never 155 times and I know everything about him,” my new Bieber-obsessed friend said.

The fans excitement was contagious. So much so that I followed them after the photo op at Macy’s to AMC Cinema where Bieber arrived to support his girlfriend Selena Gomez in the premiere of Monte Carlo.

Bieber teamed with the company Give Back Brands for his promotion and all proceeds from his perfume Someday will go to charity.

To see how much the community loves Justin Bieber check out his category for yourself.

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