Top 10 Reasons to Throw a BBQ

The sun is Blazing, the  blades of Grass are poking through the ground and you’ve finally busted out the flip flops. Summer is here and there is only one way to celebrate in this sweltering heat; Throw a BBQ! We all know that attending  ‘outdoor grilling parties’  are delicious and fun, so why not take the initiative and throw your own Kickin’ partaay?!

Top 10 Reasons to throw a BBQ:

  1. There’s no snow and no rain?!
  2. You’ve watched 6 straight months of Food Network… and it’s NOT going to waste.
  3. Patriotism. You may not have fought in Afghanistan, but honor your countrymen by biting into an all American pork rib. Go USA!
  4. It’s winter in Australia…Sucks to be you!
  5. When else will you be able to show off  your 1987 ‘Crocodile Mile’ -still intact!
  6. You’ve always wanted to try making that American flag cake on the Cool Whip commercials…
  7. Hot dog buns were on sale.
  8. You’ve been inactive on Facebook for a while, and people are starting to wonder…
  9. Vodka and watermelon…20 second dessert and ice breaker all-in-one.
  10. You get to send an evite with that picture of you looking buff in Costa Rica.

Your comments are welcome!

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