Take Your Dog to Work

Everyday it’s the same ole’ routine.  You leave for work, and return home. Leave for work, home again. What may seem like a mundane routine to you, is actually torture for your pooch. Your canine will most likely whine and sob until the moment you reunite.

Fortunately, that feeling won’t last too long. Once he hears your returning footsteps, it’s on!  The doorknob turns, your dog’s face lights up.  A frenzy ensues; he is so ecstatic to see you, his pounding  heart may just explode.  Is this not true love?

By dinner time all pain is forgotten. Your pet holds no grudges.  In fact, dogs rarely complain; and it’s not because we can’t understand woof, it’s because dogs are man’s best friend. Loyal and giving, down to a T. The least we can do, as dog owners, is allow our canine BFFs a glimpse into our workspace;  show them  what it is that we do all day while they remain at home heavy-hearted. Therefore, let us honor ‘Take your Dog to work Day.’

On June 24th, you will be granted  the honor of having your dog escort you to work!  You may need to request permission from ‘Le boss’ and prepare your cubicle for a furry guest… so plan ahead!
Which dogs will you most likely see?  Here are the top ten pet dog breeds in the US for 2010:

  1. Retriever (Labrador) – Trustworthy and smart, they are angels encased in fur.
  2. Retriever (Golden) – Synonymous with loyalty; I dare you to read  old Yeller without shedding a tear.
  3. Yorkshire Terrier – Even the Wicked Witch of the West had to get her hands on one.
  4. German Shepherd Dog – Dedicated companion and more energized than a triple venti macchiato.
  5. Boxer– Sculpted, vigilant and poised with his head held high, he’s your proud military son.
  6. Poodle – Allergic to fur?  No undercoat means no problem! These canines sport ‘hair’.
  7. Shih Tzu– With a pushed in face and a swagger in their walk, mama will give you whatever you want!
  8. Bulldog – All bark and no bite, bulldogs will more likely get an asthma attack then attempt any harm.
  9. French Bulldog– Same as above, only snobbier and with an accented woof.
  10. Chihuahua – Fits in your purse and reminds you of tacos, can’t go wrong with this one.


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