Did your question get answered? Pay it forward!

Our mission here at Answers.com is to provide answers to all of your questions. Pretty self-explanatory, right? But with an average of one question asked every two seconds, our small staff can’t possibly keep up. That’s where you come in. Because let’s be honest, 6.4 million heads are better than one. Chances are you’ve been the recipient of a well-written answer from one of your fellow community members. And like magic, that answer was delivered right to your inbox. Pretty cool, huh?

You know what they say, “What goes around comes around.” So why not give back to the community who gave you your answer? The best way to do that is by answering someone else’s query. In other words, pay it forward!

Next time you get an answer to a question, look for the new pay it forward link in your answer update email.

Clicking on it will take you to Answers.com’s most recently asked questions. Scroll through and you’ll probably find something you know the answer to.

Better hurry up though, in the time it took you to read this blog post, there have been about 25 more questions asked!

Author: Robin

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