Answers takes Manhattan!

Whether in the forums, on the message boards or through email, many of you have interacted with members of our community team. We practically live online but every once in awhile we get together IRL. The team gathered last week for an employee summit in New York City for some meetings and offline fun. Here’s a photo of the whole gang.

We had lots of fun, but the week wasn’t all shenanigans. It was also filled with tons of brainstorming sessions to figure out ways to improve your experience. We’re looking forward to sharing those features with you in the coming months!

Some of you might recognize familiar faces in this crowd, but just in case, here’s a list of the some of the amazing community team members.

Our mascot the Orange Guy also tagged along for the trip. Here’s a photo of him enjoying Times Square.

p.s. Do you follow Orange Guy on Facebook? He’s been traveling a lot lately — China, Costa Rica, and of course he was with us last week in the Big Apple!

Author: Robin

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