See a good answer? Click recommend!

If you’re an active contributor, you no doubt know about trust points. Given by fellow users, a trust point is a virtual pat on the back for a good contribution. It shows that you recommend that user for good answers and trust them to make good edits in the future.

Currently, to give a user a trust point, you can click “recommend” on any answer they’ve edited, or directly on that user’s profile page. But recently we introduced a new way to recommend a user — straight from your answer update emails. Answer update emails are generated when questions on your watchlist are edited. If you see a good contribution, go ahead and click recommend!

Contributors are then notified by email when they receive a trust point. Don’t worry though, your user name is not included in this email. Here’s what that “Hats off – you’ve been recommended!” email looks like:

Trust points are listed next to each contributor’s user name. For example: JohnDoe (5) has five trust points. A couple more tips: You can only give a user one trust point and you cannot subtract trust points. Next time you see a great answer, don’t be afraid to let your fellow contributor know you trust them!

Author: Robin

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