Mother’s Day Gifts: It’s the thought that counts.

If there ever was a holiday to not forget, it’s Mother’s Day. But sometimes it can feel overwhelming to think about giving a gift to someone so important. How do you celebrate the woman who gave you life? Our contributors have some ideas for you. Check out the answers to these Mother’s Day questions:

And remember, you don’t have to buy something material. Take this advice from contributor and employee, Myra:

“I never understood, as a kid, why my mom would get choked up when I made her a homemade card. Now that I am a mom myself, I finally get it. It sounds cliche, but it really is the thought that counts. Just let her know you appreciate her.” – Myra, our WikiAnswers Associate Quality Coordinator (and mother of two)

If you’re still looking for more gift ideas, watch this clip from the Video Answers library for some inspiration. Then let us know in the comments how you celebrated your Mom this year!

Author: Robin

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