Where my Peeps at?

Easter is next Sunday, but it’s highly likely most of you have been noshing on some Easter sweets already, are we right? Although chocolate takes the cake as Easter’s most popular candy, Americans eat 700 million marshmallow Peeps every spring. The Chicago Tribune has a great slideshow that goes into the Just Born factory to see just how Peeps are made.

Leave it to our Answers.com contributors to fill us in on these brightly colored treats:

Where were Peeps invented?

How many colors do marshmallow peeps come in?

Why are Peeps made out of marshmallows?

How many calories are in one marshmallow peep?

Kids, don’t try this one at home: Why do marshmallow peeps explode when heated?

Hosting an Easter dinner this weekend? Check out these creative centerpieces (including one made out of Peeps!) in this clip from Video Answers.


Author: Robin

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