Flagging down those bad answers.

With a community of more than six million contributors, bad answers are bound to happen. One way to combat the crud is to flag a question for improvement. When you flag a question it not only alerts casual users that an answer might be sub-par, it also helps other community members focus their editing energy on the questions and answers that need it the most.

Flagging is a feature that’s been around for awhile, but have you noticed the new design that went live last week? It’s much more streamlined and clean, thanks to our wizard designer, Denise. The new flag is placed just below the question bar and no longer clutters the answer box. Take a look:

So who can flag questions? Well, you, for one! Supervisors also love to wave the flag when they see questionable content. And then there’s our workhorse, Dingobot. Dingobot is a bot created by our team of engineers that automatically flags questions for gibberish, plagiarism and other low quality answers. Here’s a question Dingobot recently flagged. Such a smart bot, isn’t he?

To find a list of recently flagged questions to improve, click Flagged Questions under Site Tools. You can also browse by category and see flagged questions in a particular topic area.

It’s a quick way to boost those contribution points. And remember, every flag you raise (or drop) helps us clean our ever-growing database of 11 million answers. We can’t do it without you!

Need more guidance? Check out this tutorial on flagged questions for more information.

Author: Robin

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