All your Passover questions answered.

Passover begins tonight at sundown and lasts seven days. Passover commemorates the emancipation of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt.  Jews celebrate this important holiday with a traditional two-night feast, called a Seder, meaning “order.” At a Seder, friends and family gather, a variety of dishes are prepared, songs are sung and the story of passover is told.

Other interesting facts about Passover:

  • To produce Passover matza, flour must remain in contact with water for no longer than 18 minutes before it is baked.
  • Coca-cola makes a kosher Coke for Passover version, substituting pure sugar for corn syrup in its recipe (Ashkenazi Jews customarily refrain from eating corn on Passover).
  • Moses, the leader who was central to the biblical account of the Exodus, is notably absent from the Haggada, the rabbinic retelling of the story. This is to emphasize the divine, miraculous nature of the event.
  • Some believe that Jesus’ Last Supper was a seder.

To learn more about this important Jewish holiday, read some Passover questions and answers here and check out this clip from Video Answers.

Author: Robin

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