Reaching for Ruby: Quantity and Quality

As of this week, 10 contributors have reached Ruby status tallying up half a million contribution points or more! Contribution points include answering, editing, organizing and messaging. Learn where to find your number of points here.

Dfoofnik is our newest contributor to reach Ruby. To those budding contributors who want to reach the top, he says, “If you are consistently in the top 20 or 30 each month, that 500,000 will arrive before you know it. I remember how hard it seemed to go from Silver to Gold!”

So who else in the community has this shiny red gem on their profile? Here’s the list, as of April 12, 2011. Congratulations to our prolific rubies!

  1. Rudiful2
  2. HisPowr4U
  3. Steven Keyman
  4. Keats
  5. Mrkbh
  6. Stanzz123
  7. Ginezumi
  8. Peterc14
  9. Mr. Mystery
  10. Dfoofnik

Author: Robin

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