Heal what ails you: whether with words or medicine.

I’m delighted to announce two more licensed titles added to Answers.com’s reference collection. Which one speaks to you more?

Modern English Usage, the classic authority on grammar and style.

Should you use a split infinitive, or a preposition at the end of a sentence? Is it infer or imply? Who or whom? What are the main differences between British and American English? Here are clear recommendations on issues of grammar, pronunciation, spelling, confusable words, and written style. Includes examples drawn from classic and contemporary literary sources, newspapers and magazines, and the internet.

An A-Z of Medicinal Drugs, a reference source for the wide range of medicines available today.

This dictionary covers over-the-counter, pharmacy, and prescription medicines, listing side effects and interactions with other medicines; there are entries on conditions and the medicines used to treat them. See juniper berry oil, quinine, or abacavir.

Happy reading!

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