Advice from a past scholarship winner.

There are still three weeks to apply for this year’s Scholarship, with $20,000 available broken down into thirteen individual prizes for students who answer 50 questions on

Our amazing Arkansas-based contributor (and student) Kharrima was one of the 2009-2010 scholarship winners, and has this to share with future applicants:

The scholarship was an amazing benefit towards my tuition. These days it is hard to get scholarships when you are nearly done with your undergraduate degree and it was a very nice surprise. I used the scholarship to help pay my remaining balance toward an 18-hour semester at the University of Arkansas. It was a very unique way to gain a scholarship.

As a senior supervisor on WikiAnswers I contribute on a more-than-frequent basis. All I had to do was make a record of my answers I felt that were quality enough to be counted as the ones to be submitted for the application process to possibly win the scholarship. As the category supervisor of the pregnancy categories and sub-categories, I feel that it is important to answer pregnancy questions. It affects the possible outcome of the mother and unborn child’s health. I hope for the best for the mother and child when I am answering these questions and I felt so blessed that my answers were deserving of a scholarship.

I never expect anything in return when answering questions and doing my responsibilities as a volunteer supervisor on WikiAnswers and it was amazing for them to bless me with this scholarship. I would certainly do this contest again without a doubt and would encourage other to participate. It helps those who have questions submitted on the website and you gain benefits as well. Thank you,!

By the way, you don’t have to be an existing contributor to enter for the scholarship. You can sign up for an account right now and get going.

Ready to get started? More details about the application process here.

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