Valentine’s Day for whatever you’re into. [VIDEO]

Today may be February 14th, but lots of people have been celebrating Valentine’s Day over this past weekend. Romantic dinners, bouquets of flowers, heart-shaped candy, gifts of all kinds, or none of the above – whatever you’re up to for the holiday of love, there’s something for you to watch and learn.

Personally, I could leave all the flowers and red bows and puppies behind, and only focus on one thing: the cupcakes. Like these Sweet Sweet Valentine’s cupcakes, from a Magnolia bakery recipe.

But you may be into even sweeter stuff – like figuring out first date etiquette so you can take out the girl you’ve been ordering extra coffee from for the last month.

Or, going further – maybe you’re already in relationship mode, and want to work out a long distance relationship with your love.

And if you’re indeed near and dear, and just want to get to the point – well, there are plenty of videos that’ll share a thing or too on sex – and what it does to your brain! (And remember to keep it safe).

But if really, your Valentine’s Day is about taking the ultimate leap – and giving the ultimate gift (of commitment) – there’s an entire library of wedding videos to answer your questions.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out the infographic that has the answers to your Valentine’s Day gift-giving questions, from the hottest Q&A sites around.

Your comments are welcome!

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