Top 10 official (and fun) state foods.

Who’s hungry? I suppose that depends where in the United States you are. Every state has an official food – or a few. There are official state nuts, fruits, grains, pies, deserts and even… jellies.

Here are some of the more fun, odd and delicious of the official state foods:

  1. Illinois
    State Snack Food: popcorn. Simple, clean fun Illinois – way to go!
  2. Texas
    State Pepper: Jalapeño. Don’t mess with Texas.
  3. Tennessee
    State Fruit: Tomato. So is that tomay-to or tomah-to in Tennessee?
  4. North Carolina
    State Blue Berry: I’m not even going to spell this out for you.
  5. Utah
    State Snack Food: Jell-O.
  6. New York
    State muffin: I’m just going to say it’s awesome that they have a state muffin. Oh, and it’s apple, if you couldn’t figure it out.
  7. Massachusetts
    State doughnut: Boston cream (six points for originality, Massachusetts).
  8. Georgia
    State Vegetable: Vidalia Sweet Onion. Someone ought to teach Georgia how to have a little fun.
  9. Oklahoma
    State – actually, entire meal: barbecued pork, biscuits, sausages and gravy, grits, squash, are we full yet? And the State Vegetable (yes, vegetable): watermelon.
  10. Louisiana
    State Jelly: make that jellies – Mayhawhaw jelly and Louisiana sugar cane jelly.

And the apple wins for most popular State Fruit. Nothing like an American classic.

Check out more at Holy Kaw! and, of course.

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