Tell us: If you had a bazillion dollars…

It’s holiday season! And, sure, the holidays are all about giving, but what about getting? Shouldn’t we take five minutes and think about what we’d do, if say, we all of a sudden found ourselves with a bazillion dollars?

So here is‘s question to you: If you had a bazillion dollars, what would you do first? Obviously, you’d do a whole lot, but what would be the first thing you’d do with the money…

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Don’t forgot to fill in your choices in the comments… Looking forward to hearing some creative ideas (with fake money).

[Thanks, Suzanne!]

4 thoughts on “Tell us: If you had a bazillion dollars…”

  1. First things first. Take a taxi to the collection point for the money, then to the bank to deposit it, then onto the airport and fly somewhere warm and stay in an average hotel for a couple of weeks and consider what to do with it all. Then call my wife and tell her to pack her bags – I’ve won a bazillion! When she asks where we are going, I’d tell her I’m not sure as long as she is gone when I get back!


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