’s Top Questions for 2010.

Hope you’re proud of yourself! You sure did accomplish a whole lot this year. You and the rest of the community, which now includes over 5 million registered members, have now answered more than ten million questions.

Considering the top questions throughout the year, it seems you really did accomplish a whole lot offline too. was the place to go for answers about thousands of topics, but the biggest area we were able to address was: What are you trying to do?

Top jobs questions

Top relationship questions

Top cooking questions

Top time questions

But the top lookups on weren’t all questions, and they weren’t all about accomplishing something. users came to read about topics for schoolwork, education-planning, background-checking or just plain interest.

For the record, Facebook and YouTube beat sex, but sex beat love. Let’s not look too deeply into that.

Top people

The top two people are the very symbols of exploration, wide-ranging interests, and deep and wide knowledge. The third – well, he’s just trendy:

Top science

Remember 11th grade science? Neither do I. That’s probably why so many science topics made the list site-wide; the following took the lead:

Top history

Interesting descending order, don’t you think?

Top university majors

Well, more like top lookups that make it seem like college students out there are researching possible majors:

It’s been a wonderful year for Our product team saw hundreds of features through, our content team integrated thousands of new topics and videos into our reference library, and you, the community, continue to amaze us every day.

As the clock ticks towards 2011, we thank you for the questions, answers and other contributions you have given over this past year. Looking forward to another year together, fulfilling all our curiosity!

7 thoughts on “’s Top Questions for 2010.”

  1. This webstite is awsome. It is better than some tutering site. I get most of my homework help or everyday challenges and questions from here! Rock on! (lol) THIS WEBSTITES MOTTO IS AWSOME! THERE ARE NO SUCH THINGS AS A STUPID QUESTION!


  2. I am came here first time and i really like it , like i can ask anything which could be stupid, aggressive and any kind of thing really funny for me. i will come here again and again.
    my home page intro



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