Words, travel, eating; eating words during travel: Brand new content on Answers.com.

We’re pleased to announce tons of new stuff on Answers.com recently.

Pride of place this month goes to Word Menu. It’s hard to explain how useful this can be when you’re at a loss for just the right word. It’s a reverse dictionary, thesaurus, almanac, and collection of glossaries divided into logical categories to help you find the precise word you are looking for. For example, say you’re writing about questions and answers (now, who do we know who does that?) but need more specific shades of meaning.

Word Menu advises that you can impetrate, implore, importune, inquire, interrogate, or investigate instead of “ask,” and you can react, rebut, refuse, rejoin, reply, respond, retort, or retract instead of “answer.”

Or let’s say you you’re writing a novel and a bunch of your characters walk into a bar. Only you know your characters well enough to know what they would order – but what if you can’t think of it? Word Menu comes to the rescue with more words than you knew existed for types of beer, wine, spirits, mixed drinks and more.

On to other matters. Answers.com invites you to explore 500 Extraordinary Islands. Take a virtual tour of Fraser Island, Kauai, Antarctica and other mouthwatering destinations with the famous Frommer’s Guides.

Speaking of places, we’ve got stats and facts galore about 100 or so U.S. Cities – useful if you’re thinking of relocation or just want to know where to find info on shopping in Charlotte, quality of living in Seattle, or the population of Portland.

Next up we’ve got the Flavors Dictionary – especially for biologists, chemists, pharmacists, etc. See info on cashew, butyric acid or butterscotch.

Also, we’ve got our Oxford Articles, a miscellany of information from the Oxford University Press. Enlighten yourself regarding the Babbage-Chambers Paradox, the baboon watch, and Bach flower remedies.

Kitchen Q&A is a collection of straightforward, clear answers relating to food and cooking. It’s almost impossible to stop reading this one, as questions address need-to-know topics like

Cheers and bon appétit!

As always, we aim to answer. Happy reading.

Your comments are welcome!

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