at Web 2.0 Summit on ‘Q&A: The New Search Insurgent.’

At Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco yesterday, CEO Bob Rosenschein discussed Q&A, community, mobile and more, alongside panelists from, Quora and Google’s Aardvark.

The Summit panel was titled, ‘Q&A: The New Search Insurgent,’ and moderated by Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land. Panelists included Doug Leeds (, Bob Rosenschein (, Charlie Cheever (Quora), and  Damon Horowitz (Google).

A quick description offers insight into the discussion:

Search is no longer just defined by keyword queries, algorithms and blue links. Instead, a user’s social graph, location, reputation and expertise are all positioned to usurp the page rank as the barometer of quality. In the midst of this, new Q&A services change the game even more, extending search’s promise beyond relying on published data to routing questions to real people in real time.

If you were there, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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