hits 10 million answers!

All ears, please! announced yesterday that its Q&A community has reached the 10 million answer milestone.

The record-breaking answer came to the question: Who was the first Native American to play pro-football?

In case you’re curious: Jim Thorpe was probably the first American Indian to play pro football. He played professionally with the Pine Village Pros in Indiana in 1913 and later went on to become the first president of the NFL, where he also played for the Oorang Indians (an all-American Indian team) in Ohio.

A few of the other answers that came close, are to the following questions:

A word from Bob, CEO, about the achievement:

“ has a robust community of people dedicated to contributing quality questions and answers to our platform. Our mission is to be the best resource for trusted answers to specific questions, whether they be social questions about creative Halloween costumes or fact-based queries like, “When was the first World Series?” Reaching 10 million answers is a testament to the scalability of the model and our impressive community of 5.5 million registered members.”

TechCrunch reported the story as well.

Congrats to’s brilliant Q&A community and the team behind the scenes, who make the answers happen – again, and again, and again…

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