C is for (birthday) Cake! Happy birthday to Cookie Monster.

He’s blue. He’s furry. He’s hungry.

He’s Cookie Monster, and today is his birthday! Get the guy some cookies and as you watch him devour them in under three seconds, read some fun Cookie Monster trivia!

  1. Before that first fateful bite, Cookie Monster claimed in 2004 that his real name is Sid.
  2. We all know his favorite cookie is chocolate chip – but his second favorite? Oatmeal.
  3. The original incarnation of Cookie Monster was created by Jim Henson for a General Foods commercial.
  4. An early version of Cookie Monster appeared in a Frito-Lay potato chips ad and was called Arnold, the Munching Monster.
  5. The huge appetite is genetic – Cookie’s mom and pop share it. He also has a younger sister and cousin who share his googly eyes and blue fur.

Check out more Cookie Monster trivia featured on Holy Kaw. Brought to you by Answers.com. And the letter ‘B.’

Now go have some cookies!

(Ok, if you’re the dieting type, try drawing a cookie monster instead).

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