New sharing options help you toot your own horn.

It’s ok; you can be honest with me.

You want everyone to know about the answer you just wrote on Not only do you think others might benefit from it, but you think your own expertise should be highlighted. You want the world to know – or maybe just your social networks. And maybe, just maybe, you like the attention. has made it easier to share your answers with just a few easy clicks, right from the edit page. Share your answers (and edits) on Facebook, Twitter, email and other share sites as soon as you post your answer.

When you are in the edit mode of the question page, be sure to click the check box for ‘Share this answer with friends when you’re done.’  Save your answer or edit, and the page will reload, showing the answer.

Right after, a small pop up box will appear with a place to add text and a few share options to the left. Check the share options you’d like to use, add whatever text you’d like to display with your Q&A, and click Publish.

Ta da! Now your answer has been shared with friends… So sit back and enjoy the praise!

By the way, notice the ‘More from…’ link on the bottom right of the Facebook share – that’s another great way to promote your handiwork on So if you’re trying to build your online reputation, consider using this as part of your strategy.

Your comments are welcome!

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