The team tries DIY dry ice for Halloween.

How to make your own creepy fog for Halloween

So maybe your fake spider web and Jack-o’-lantern won’t exactly spook the neighborhood trick or treaters. If you really want to give the kids a scare this Halloween, set the scene with some frightening fog. All you need is dry ice!

What is dry ice? It’s frozen carbon dioxide and it sublimates from a solid to a gas creating perfectly creepy wisps of cloud.

Learn a bit more about the foggy stuff before attempting the DIY instructions below:

1. Buy a pound of dry ice for enough fog to fill a room.

2. Store in Styrofoam until ready to use. Warning: Sealing dry ice in packaging other than Styrofoam will cause the container to burst from high pressure.
3. Be sure to use gloves or tongs when handling to avoid freezing your fingers: Dry ice can be close to -100 degrees Fahrenheit!
4. Pour warm water over the ice to produce ground-hugging clouds.

5. Put on your monster mask and scare the kids who come knocking your door for candy!

Check out the team experimenting with dry ice last week in preparation for Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

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