Gil talks content, community and traffic at #SMX East.

Gil Reich, VP of Product Management at (and blogger wizard behind Managing Greatness), presented today at SMX East in New York City. His presentation covered the kinds of content that get more traffic, where your traffic is coming from, your site’s community and more.

Check it out for yourself – Gil posted a detailed outline of  his talk in his blog post, Search Traffic and Community-Generated Content.

Find out more about the SMX East panel he was on below:

SEO and User-Generated ContentMonday, October 4, 10:45-12:00
The “voice of the customer” can be a dual-edged sword. Positive reviews and comments can help reinforce reputation or even persuade others to buy. Negative feedback can be the kiss of death if it gets out of hand. But ultimately, applying good SEO to user generated content extends the reach of your site and gives you more potential touchpoints with searchers, particularly if you mine your UGC for keyword research. Come see how several sites are turning the (free) content created by their customers into search engine gold.

Gil addresses the SMX audience again on Wednesday, so if you’re in for the conference, make sure to catch his second panel:

Show Me The Links – Wednesday, October 6, 10:30-11:45
Yes, yes. Do a top 10 list. Got it. Attract links with rewards. Heard that. What else you got when it comes to link building? In this session, link builders share real life stories of how they obtained hard-to-get links. Is it the relationships, stupid? Focusing on what matters? Tips and strategies, for the pros.

Want to catch up with Gil between now and Wednesday? Find him on Twitter: @GilR or leave a comment on Managing Greatness.

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