Simplemary: Flying High in the Wiki Skies.

Sometimes around, we just like to wing it. You know, totally use a pair of movable organs to fly. Wait a minute. That’s the wrong winging it.

In this case, and for this Contributor Corner post, we’re sort of improvising on the fly (oh boy) as we catch up with one of’s wonderful Senior Supervisors, Simplemary. A member since February 2007, Mary has 60k+ contributions, over 2k Trust Points, is a Vandal Patrol Senior Site Guardian and has brilliantly answered nearly 6k questions on the site. She’s known by just about everyone in the community and often looked to for guidance and support.

Here’s more of our unscripted catch-up with the wiki eagle herself, Simplemary:

Back in the day, I suggested Educational Methods and Theories. The biggest change I’ve seen is that the lists in each category are enormous. I used to come in and straighten them out for spelling and duplicates in one sitting. As LauraFrog said then, my category is in a shambles. The funniest thing (to me) was deleting the Supervisor’s Forum and then using our chat room to find someone who could restore it. I’ve made some good friends and have learned to be conciliatory to the others.

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