New features, big and small, from this week. released a bunch of new features yesterday – from the itty-bitty to the visually-stimulating. All make contributing that much easier, and none should be taken for granted!

Let’s run through the list and then I invite you to check ’em out on the site.


There’s been a mini redesign of the homepage with a new addition to the daily-updated front page content: Video of the Day from Videos.

You can scroll down further to see the newly revamped section towards the bottom of the homepage:

Supervisor feature

The ‘trash can functionality’ or blanking tool for vandalized answers is now available on the category index pages and Related answers section of all answered question pages. This is an addictive one, so trash responsibly!


All users can now edit Q&A categories from the mobile version of If recategorization is your pastime – and I know it is for so many of you – no reason to stop when you step away from the computer.

International communities

The German, Italian, French, Tagalog and Spanish communities on now have access to the new, more effective catchall system. So Supervisors in any of those languages can now get organized. By the way, you’ll notice that the German, Italian, French, and Spanish communities have their own language-friendly Facebook and Twitter accounts listed on their respective homepages – so now you can get fast facts and fun trivia in four other languages!

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