Tanner family trivia: Six fun facts about Full House.

Whatever happened to predictability –
The milk man, the paper boy, evening TV?

What happened, indeed? If you grew up watching the Tanner family learn, love, and drive cars through kitchens, then you know what I’m talking about. Do they even make family sitcoms like that anymore?

We may as well remember the good times! Here are six fun facts about your favorite San Francisco family:

  1. In the pilot episode, the role of Danny Tanner was played by actor John Posey because Bob Saget had a conflicting gig on CBS’ “The Morning Program.” Saget was subsequently canned from the news show gig, and the pilot was reshot.
  2. John Stamos has teased the idea of a “Full House” movie, suggesting Steve Carrell and Tracy Morgan for the roles of Danny and Joey, respectively.
  3. Uncle Jesse’s real first name was Hermes.
  4. Andrea Laura Barber, who played wacky neighbor Kimmy Gibbler (who some may consider the female version of Steve Urkel), first acted on Days of our Lives for four years as a young kid.
  5. Candice Cameron (D.J.) is the sister of Kirk Cameron, that other darling of the 80’s/90’s family sitcom genre.
  6. Try not to get the lovable fun Full House you grew up with confused with the South Korean show with the same name: There, Full House was a 16-episode drama  TV series started in 2004.

Get more facts at Holy Kaw and the full lowdown at Answers.com.

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