6 school facts to teach your teacher.

Happy new year, everyone. No, put down your champagne. Not the calendar new year – the new school year.

Packed your pencils, packed your books? Put away your dirty looks… It’s back to school season and we’re going to arm you with a different kind of ammunition: See if you can stump your teach with the following bizarre bits of school-related trivia:

  1. The origin of the word ‘school’ is leisure.
    Sit back, relax, put your feet up: The word school comes from the Greek word originally meaning leisure. Remind your math teacher of that fact next time she calls you up to the board and you have no clue.
  2. The oldest university in Europe is the University of Bologna.
    No baloney. With a name like that, how seriously can you take college?
  3. In Canada, high school starts in eighth grade.
    You think you have it bad? At least you’re not in Canada or many other countries of the world, where high school is longer than four years.
  4. Meanwhile, high school in Japan is only three years.
    Japanese students attend three years of high school, including grades ten through twelve. Ready to move across the world?
  5. In Japan, attending high school is not mandatory.
    Ok, seriously, who’s moving to Japan with me? However, it should be mentioned: Though it is not mandatory, about 95% of Japanese junior high school graduates attend secondary school. Kiss ups!
  6. But Filipino students have it the best…
    In the Philippines, students enter high school at ages eleven or twelve and complete it by fifteen or sixteen. Which means I would have been out of high school about 38754376 years ago. Nice.

Here’s to a new school year of fresh pencils, clear heads, and learning a lot (whether useful or trivial…)

Good luck.

3 thoughts on “6 school facts to teach your teacher.”

  1. @Victory- Yes, that is sometimes true. Fact #3 is way too generalized. It’s true for some places in Canada, but not all. And besides, a shorter high school doesn’t mean that school is shorter.


  2. Actually, in Canada (well, in Ontario anyways), high school starts in grade 9. A fifth year is optional for us. That’s the way it was for me, anyways. 😛


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